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  1. Welcome back, glad to see your on the right track to getting your life back !!!
  2. Welcome to FP, nice looking car any more pics?
  3. Nice Firebird! looking forward to seeing the progress on that !!!
  4. Welcome, nice looking car.
  5. Nice looking car Ryan, love that color!
  6. Nice looking car Nick, any updates on your progress?
  7. It looks good at a distance .... it needs claybared, and a good buff/polish job.
  8. Well I got a chance to do a HALF-ASS clean job today ..... I really like the way it turned out. I've put about 1K on the setup, and I think I'm going to have to put a set of Spacers in the car. It's got a slight vibration under acceleration.
  9. I got the car in for an alignment today ....... $342.21 later the car is back on the road, the handling is amazing, this thing is on rails. Cornering is 100 times better than the stock CompG setup. The surprising thing is the ride itself, it's as good or better than the stock CompG setup. I guess all I need now is a nice day so I can give the car a bath and get some new pics. Anyone thinking about lowering ther ride, I would 100% recommend this setup.
  10. Todd Delflippo ownwer of these two sites http://flipscustomtails.com/index.html http://www.gpona.com/ Ed Morad owner of http://www.moradpartscompany.com/
  11. Does anyone know of a good place to get an alignment after installing lowering springs? I'm not talking local places (unless you live around Dayton OH) it would be midas or something like that. Any help would be great. Thanks Scott
  12. Yea ... I fat fingerd that. I've sent a request to the MODS to fix the title.
  13. This is were I got mine done ... MODS - If this isn't allowed, please remove ... http://www.flipscustomtails.com/
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