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Pontiac GTO and T/A are back for 2011.....no joke!

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Well sort of. I know its the day after April Fools but take a look!

These were just unveiled at the World of Wheels in Boston along with the American Chopper guys doing tribute bikes!

Love em or hate em..they did a great job on them!














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All i can utter from my dropped to the floor jaw is wow! Seriously those are pretty cool.

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More riced out Camaros? I shall refer you to my avatar


The bikes do look sweet, though.

But but jumping jesus on a pogo stick...STOP MAKING PONTIACS OUT OF THE 5TH GEN CAMARO.

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the work on them look good. :D on the GTO bumper. also kinda :D with Chaos. all they do is slap on different bumpers and a hood. but never change body lines, curves or fenders to give it a more rounded look.

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... maybe GM should at hint and recognize the INTEREST IN PONTIAC IS STILL ALIVE. PEOPLE WILL PAY MONEY FOR THOSE CARS IF THEY COME BACK.

Why can't Pontiac come back like a niche car line- like Scion????

O and his folks snuffed out Pontiac. Hopefully- and God willing- we'll have a new president in 2012. Then, maybe GM will have its act together.

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Ew. Lingenfelter one is still the best looking one.

:D and I think I may like them more than the camaro. :D


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:) Chris, you never cease to crack me up, hahaha.

These designs are pretty cool but there still hasn't been one I'm especially fond of. I'd want to mix and match different parts of them. Oh well, I'll never buy one anyway so it doesn't matter! (Now, if it were a REAL '12+ Firebird, then we'd be in business.)

EDIT: Even if it's made out of a Camaro, theoretically speaking, if Pontiac had come out with that Judge instead of the late GTO we all know and love, would it have sold better? I love the last GTOs because they're Pontiacs, but I always thought the design could have been reworked from being a rebadged Monaro to something a little more, well, GTO.

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I agree Pontiac should make a small line of cars like the Firebird and GTO. Hell maybe even GP or GA and sell them at Chevy dealers, my dad says he'd buy one as soon as the first one comes in.

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