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  1. Nice! I think I'd rather have and SSEi instead of an Impala SS after seeing yours !
  2. That looks REALLY nice!! Good job!
  3. Congrats! All of the roles, titles, and jobs I've held down... being a dad is the BEST! Enjoy every minute- IT WILL FLY BY BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!
  4. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... maybe GM should at hint and recognize the INTEREST IN PONTIAC IS STILL ALIVE. PEOPLE WILL PAY MONEY FOR THOSE CARS IF THEY COME BACK. Why can't Pontiac come back like a niche car line- like Scion???? O and his folks snuffed out Pontiac. Hopefully- and God willing- we'll have a new president in 2012. Then, maybe GM will have its act together.
  5. Perhaps... perhaps not. I think a TA could roll into production rather quickly- especially with an aftermarket partner.
  6. I betcha the guy with the pimped out Phoenix OG's...
  7. x2 I've heard from a lot of folks who weren't all that pleased with their STS systems.
  8. I've often thought... perhaps GM didn't deserve Pontiac in light of the bad management decisions that led to the bail out.
  9. I had a new red '94 Formula back in college. It had a 4L60E and a factory 3.42 rear- so I built it up with a custom CAI, full roller 1.6 rockers, free-flow exhaust, a JET stage II chip, and the list goes on. I put nearly 100k miles on it in 3 years- it was a beast of a car back in the days when the LT1 was still new and the aftermarket hadn't caught up yet. I sold it because I needed a 4x4 at the time- but I missed it every day. Over the years, I've owned several Vettes and even a 4.6 GT Mustang. But I never forgot the Formula. When we found out we were having our second child- it was a
  10. They were really neat cars indeed! Too bad the New DeLorean thing didn't take off. Supposedly, discussions were in the works to continue those platforms outside GM. http://www.delorean.com/revival/index.html
  11. Just so as everyone knows... it was hard to select one over the others. They are all such nice looking cars!
  12. Tell us how you really feel, Chaos! JMHO- I wouldn't consider World Public Opinion.org or Fox unbiased though. They each have a point of view. With that said, anyone can manipulate facts. It does happen and will happen as long as anyone has a significant stake in things. Read. Peel the onion back & make YOUR OWN decisions. If anyone says they have all the answers- be afraid. Ask why at least 5 times deep on everything.
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