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  1. For those not on Facebook, They just announced that Morad Parts Company is now also a sponsor for the meet along with Intense!
  2. Spring gathering of GM W-Body and 3800 powered vehicle enthusiasts! Bonneville | Grand Prix | Monte Carlo | Regal | Impala Saturday, May 11, 2013 Belle Isle - Detroit, Michigan I'm sure all of you in the 3800 community know who Intense is, and they are sponsoring the event. I'm gonna be headed up there & just wanted to let you guys know if you didn't already! Here's a link to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook...975961/?fref=ts
  3. I think in your case it's not that he isn't using the photo you submitted, but that you email him the original image file rather than him using the image posted on the forum since it's probably downsized when it's uploaded thru photobucket. Also, if you'd like if you want to email me your original picture and I can photoshop the date stamp out no problem. Just let me know.
  4. I think this is the one someone complained about me not posting last year, haha
  5. There's a few saveables around me. But each car's owner says they're going to fix it and will not sell. The guys are in their late 70's to 90's and you just know they aren't going to touch them or let them go...they'll just rot away and likely junked when they pass away. A couple I remember sitting out in a field '68 Cougar XR7 '60 Impala and a Mid-Sixties Riviera
  6. Not a bad DD if I don't say so myself. I second this motion. Intake plus WOT = so much winning!!!!
  7. They're SSEi tails, I cut the amber lens out. The GXP tails don't have any of the stripes, and I'd be a dead man if I had painted stripes on a GXP light haha!
  8. Wasn't sure if I should have started a new topic but I figured I'd add more pictures here since this thread is pretty recent anyway. But here's more from the white one, Chloe. I drive by the Hampton Coliseum all the time but only just recently thought about using it to take pictures with. Turned out to be a great spot, I really want to go back for night shots when the place is lit up, but they only light it up for events, which would also mean it would crowd it up.... They light it up around Christmas/New Years with colors though, I'll just wait till then. In the mean time I'll share
  9. Diggin' the GA. Push bar and slightly tinted tails and I'd call it a day.
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