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Time for some GO mods!

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So I am looking for some information on engine internals. For my engine, there are many things I could get, however I am trying to stay SMOG legal.

Here is what I have found:

78# Valve Springs w/ retainers

ZZP Cam - 210/206 @ 1mm and 10.78mm/10.69mm lift, 109 LSA

Cobalt-Addiction Underdrive Pulley and Shortened Belt


JBP Vortex T304 Stainless 4-1 Header

JBP ECOTEC Cylinder Head Kit [stage 1] [LSJ/LE5] (EVENTUALLY)

Any more ideas for LE5?

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With a good tune it shouldnt be all that hard honestly. If you do all of that get your head decked probably about .040 over to bump up compression very slightly. Port and polish your heads(You can do with a dremel), port match your intake manifold to your head. Help the head flow better and it should help quite a bit. Should atleast be able to run with lx9s.

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-Will an ECM tune fix the lean issues with CAI?

-If not, will a dyno tune fix it?

-Will I pass smog with the cam?

-What size ID and OD are the headers on an LE5 Cobalt compared to an LE5 G6?

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IIRC, the LE5 is the same in all the chassis' it was used in.

A tune can easily fix the code thrown for the CAI.

A cam shouldn't cause codes, especially when the PCM is tuned for that cam.

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ok, so would the regular tune sent from WAMS cover a CAI or should I just go to a dyno and let them do it? would a dyno tune still give me the heightened rev and speed limiters?

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agreed on the intake mani. nothing compliments a cam more than intake mani being bigger

Yeah, an LSJ Intake Manifold and Throttle Body swap is already in the plans.


No, I am going to stay N/A and see how much power I can get out of the LE5. My parents wouuld not be too fond of a turbo turning up on the doorstep..

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I think with flow mods, P & P, tune, decking, maybe a thinner head gasket to help comp, and other said mods, you may see 200-210. Just an estimate, I could be off. Not to many have toyed with this motor that I know of so it could be more or less. I say go for it bc if you can get it over 200 ponies then you should be able to hang with lx9 gt's, lz4 v6's. Some weight reduction may help too.

And dare I say 75 shot?

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there is a stock balt ss 2.4 with N/A just upgraded internals that manages 275hp to the crank, not the wheels. 250fwhp i believe.

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Shit, with that you could eat up modded GTP and GXP's

Actually I have been thinking about this sort of thing for some time now too. How much could I sqeeze from this 6 if I pulled the motor and tinkered with it. little porting here, deck it down, custom header blah blah blah.

I think the G6 has the looks of a nice quick car, and a chassis that could be great given a little power and some minor suspension modds. And I have learned from the saturn forums. They started with what we have, little to nothing and did all the work. Now they have a decent backing and several tc/sc cars.

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yeah. I am going to find a way to overcome the CAI problems even if it kills me and costs a shit load. $400 dyno tune SHOULD fix it.

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Its a computer that takes over control of your fuel and spark. One of the most common is megasquirt. It cost like $400, you have to put it together usually, and you have to splice it in to your wireing harness, and normally add a wideband O2. but then you can tune the fuel and spark maps yourself and get it very dialed in. It is what all the saturn tuners use.

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the owners of 2.4L SS's call their cars Cobalt Sport rather than SS due to the fact that they are not Boosted and dont like the confusion.

I have found a cheap way around the CAI issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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