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Hi to all

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Wow germany! How did you find the site? I think you're the first member from there!

Definitely want to see pics of the star cheif!


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Germany, eh? Nice. I've always wanted to go to Germany and venture on the Autobahn, and of course, the mighty Nurmburgring.

Pics of the car?

Also, very interested in how you discovered us.

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IIRC, a lot of US soldiers who get stationed out in Germany like to bring their cars with them. About half of them sell their cars to a local. Most of the USDM cars that end up in Germany are the result of that.

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hey! welcome to FP! and awesome, we are spreading aroundbthe world! little by little we will take over. :D

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Hi Guys

First of all-thanks for the warm welcomes :)

I found your forum while surfing the web and specially at poci.org :)

Here are some pics of my Pontiac called "INDY" I love him, he came directly from Michigan 3 years ago.

Yesterday my new Continental Kit from Canada arrived, so Indy will get some nice modifications.

I need parts for my old bud anytime trims knobs etc. So if one of you guys know one who sell these please contact me :D

Best Vee






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very ncie you lucky sob haha. damn I want one

Thanks Pontiacgt201

INDY is the only 56 conv sf in Whole Germany, there's One in Netherlands with Reverse colors (bolero red lower, nimbus grey upper body)

I've bought him to let my dream come true after a hard but successful fight against colon cancer.

Now im getting good again and INDY is my "dreamcatcher"

I also have a collection of over 150 die cast high detailed die cast models from 1:18 to 1:6

Will post pics if you folks like to see some.

Best Vee

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Hi Jedi3

Thanks for nom :agreed:

While you´re all sleeping :agreed: it´s noon here in Berlin...

So guys, as promised, some more pics:

I married on sept 22th, one month ago, my wife Jay. My pal Tom drove us with his beautiful 57 Chevy


if anyone is interested in: you can find me and my friends also on www.tri-chevy-forum.de there are a lot pics of mine either.

My Son Bee(15) the first day we picked up the german plates for Indy, it was a hard fight to get these smaller plates for Indy here in Germany, the "normal" Plates are really ugly :agreed:






Some pics of my huge die cast and Goodie collection...






and last not least, my daily driver, a 2009 BMW 530 Xdrive sedan, doesn´t it look like a Pontiac :mod:


Best to all, Vee

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I'm not a show off, he's German and I speak a little German. :agreed:

by the way, you car is AWESOME!!! :agreed:

Guten Tag Markpetersonii

Vielen Dank! :agreed:

ugghhh i love your cars dude!

n heyy your sons a cutiiee haha (:

hi emily.todd


my "mini me" is still single - and hetero :cheers:

he´s visiting the german olympic boxing school in Frankfurt-Oder, where Henry Maske learned boxing (I hope you know him in US)

Best Vee

' date='Oct 22 2010, 04:24 PM' post='39169']

Can I has your 530xi?

Europlates ugly? I actually like them. :agreed:

Send me a set! :agreed:

hi Chaosweave

I`ll bring you a set next time I visit NY, what do you want to be writen on them :agreed:

Note: New York was and is my favorite city in the US

Deep Note: its an 530XD ;-) more pepper than an xi ;-)))

Best Vee

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