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05 SV-6 Progression

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So this is my van, one of only few on this site, and I think I'm probably the (maybe 2nd best) but pretty close to the most dedicated owner of a minivan you'll ever find. I think the only thing that's in here right now that's not on a shot is the P3's, which you'll see once I get my new amp and cap installed!! haha, you're seeing shots from before I saw the van in person, to ones I've just taken the last couple weeks, it's been a long ride :D

Found the link on craigslist.. "Mom.. can we go check out this minivan?" She though I lost it.. haha


A week later I had my own set of nice new wheels, best thing $6k could've bought me this new!


This is the first change, put these on as decor, made it look a little newer :)


Next was the banner --










sadly the most recent upgrade was just a fix from what was broken.. well the most recent with a photo anyways haha


The van has really come a long way since I got it, got a lot further to go to. It makes the girlfriend mad because I'm so devoted to it and she hates me for it, all except for maybe two of my friends think I'm a definite tard for loving a minivan -- but it's my first new car, and I work my ASS off for it, and have done a lot to make it mine. My most recent change without a photo was that I ran 4G wires through for my amp and relocated my amp to being in the interior of the pass. wheelwell because there's a lot of room like a big trunk in there, soon will be replacing my baby amp for a 2500 Boss Audio mono amp, and getting a 3.2F Boss Audio cap. Gonna have to get a second battery too, will PROBABLY just built a wooden box for it and hang it where my spare belongs, considering that had to come out for my dual exhaust.

Well boys (and girls) a progression thread to most is a thread, showing differences then and now, it's like, aa reward to me! haha I'm sorry guys a bit sappy over a van, oh well lol.

More photos and changes to come --


2 12" Kicker C12 Comps

2500 Amp

Boss 3.2F Cap

Power inverter/glovebox ps2


Painting UIM

Painting Valve Covers

Friday this week painting the rims!! Thanks for checking out my progression thread (wasting time reading my sapp story!!) haha :)

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Haha yes Mark we will be meeting up when you're in town! And, the turbo, I found a few for $100, but some have play in the bearing and I don't want to get screwed right away!! I'm thinking like a Garret T25 or something but I'm not sure yet, thinking one day maybe a twin charged idea but not yet haha.. I'm thinking about going to get the paint for the rims today, and I got my "pontiac" letters from Erik so I'm just waiting for the rain to stop so I can put those on the dash board. Gonna be a couple weeks for the new stereo equip.. considering I want my credit card bill to get back to zero this weekend before I start charging on it again!!

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Very nice van. A buddy of mine has a Montana and he put a cold air intake on it and immediately seen a difference in performance. Nothing like hauling around 6 buddies and going fast at the same time.

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I noticed a huge difference in mine too haha. I noticed mainly the sound, and after I got my glass pack in and my turbo muffler in the top end became INSANEEE. I love my van, it's like.. a Cadillac to me, also kind of a trophy lol :indian:

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Yeah I put a lot of hard work and sweat hours in that thing!! I put on my new letters :rofl: they look good :huh:






I switched from the 15's to the 12's today, changed up the style a little bit :D and I can't wait until I do a custom box, and two amps so I can have all 4!! Will be changing back to the 15's though!!

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cool. the "Pontiac" looks good there. i did that too. what 15s do you have? pic?

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I can't show a pic of the 15's until i get a good box!! Currently the box they're in is covered/smells like cat piss... haha! The 15's are Punch P3's, they were free. A buddy of mine did a little work for someone's car and they gave him a set of subs worth $750.. when the job was like a $200 job lol. They're a little rough looking, once I get a fiberglass box made, you'll see more :rofl:

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Yeah I'd really like to see it pull some numbers too!! haha, and seasons greetings yourself haha, if you caught that.. how do you like the handicapped parking sign over my spot in the garage lol :cheers:

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