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Erats long awaited and highly anticipated progression thread

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Here you will see the epic transformation of a GASE. :cheers:

Embrace for massive amounts of pictures.

Stock as hell.



Debadged, first mod.



Fishbowl delete.



Womp Whooomp WAI.



Front a rear, i have them, trust me.

Knob job. & switches.



Someone shot my fuggen car. Detroit.


Tinty tails. YES one is shined, one is not. :lol2:


Put my gaylo projectors in.


Tinted fogs.


New front window. The old one.


black arrow


GT tubes.


New bumper.




Normally people get rims first...

Oh yeah, installed HID's yesterday.





I'll get nighttime pictures soon.

Also* ordered my front plate filler.

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Looks good, great progression!!! :lol2:

I would do rims next

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Looks good, great progression!!! :lol2:

I would do rims next

See post #3, Joe. :lol2:

I hope you deactivated the DRL's, Dillon. Wait, you have an 02.5...IIRC, it was just the DRL relay, right? No SVS light after?

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It was to hack up wires going to the BCM and ground out the blue one. PITA. But I did it.

Funny cuz on gaoc people are saying not to do it to new people wanting hid's.

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Guest GA_Girl2002

I was the same way lol, then I saw the before and after and was like oh!

i thought so!

why couldnt ya just say "window tint" ?!? lol.

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nice progression! get those rims on soon!!! :cheers:

See i have a problem with that... I CAN NOT find them rims ANYWHERE. You would think it would be easy, i mean they are common rims... Nope and the only ones i find don't have a chrome lip, or are like 1000 bucks. And i'm not about to spend over 400 on rims without rubber.

' date='Apr 15 2010, 05:44 PM' post='21181']

I just noticed Dillon...why did you leave the V6 badge on the fender? :)

Lol, idk. Just because it was one more thing to take off. And its not as bad as the other badgeing was.

wow nice bullet hole buy those fake magnets to cover it up lol

Eh, its a story to tell...

i thought so!

why couldnt ya just say "window tint" ?!? lol.

That would be to easy.

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I dunno, its kinda stupid. First off i didn't realize it until i had gotten back.

Anyway, when we all got our licenses when we were 16 we started doing everything. Hookah bar, pool, trips to Hell Michigan, sonic, anything you can think of. But in two years we stared to get bored with all that and it was no longer fun. Now because we are a bunch of geniuses we decided that driving around in Detroit is a ton of fun and is great adrenaline rush.


I'm talking bout the hood here. have a look around street view.

Anyway, we were just driving around in the ghetto and thats where it happened. I remember hearing something but because makes so many crazy sounds i disregarded it.

Now Driving in the ghetto is no longer thrilling, we have hit just about every street.

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IDK. Its Detroit. If you question it, you don't want to know.

There worse areas than that, but thats where the drift spot is. Then french road behind that.

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