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2023 December
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Xena the Resilient Warrior

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"Hi there, fellow Pontiacs. My name is Xena. I've had some spare time on my hands lately because I'm a little broken, and I thought I would post some short stories about where I came from and how I got to where I am today.

Once upon a time, I lived in the lot of LeMay Pontiac Buick GMC in Kenosha, WI. I was purchased by this nice guy who chose me over this beige colored Sunfire, probably because he's smart- red is obviously the superior color. He had me shipped to California right away on this big rig with a whole bunch of other cars. It turns out I was going to a young girl named Sadie, the daughter of the nice man who found me in the car lot. I have a manual transmission though, and she had never driven such a thing, so it took her a couple months to get comfortable driving me. Little did I know the adventures we would have together!


Eventually, Sadie and I moved back to Wisconsin. We drove all the way across the country, which was a completely different sight from the lazy trailer ride I had the first time. Once we were comfortably back in Wisconsin, Sadie started getting involved with other car people, and I started making a whole bunch of friends.


This was the first "car club meet" Sadie took me to. Little did I know how much this organization would change both our lives!

This inspired her to start modifying me, which I was certainly okay with because I think she made me look pretty slick. Right after she added a new head unit, someone broke my passenger front window and stole some things out of me. I was really mad that I couldn't do anything to defend myself! Luckily nothing terrible happened as a result, and my window was replaced right away so Sadie wouldn't be super cold all winter.

Here's how I looked after she added a short antenna, some 95-99 GT wheels, removed my ugly front plate, and lowered me with KYB AGX shocks and struts, and Eibach Sportline springs. All of these changes happened over the course of about 3 years.



I love cruising around with her in the summer with my windows down, whipping down old country back roads. Ahhh, that's the life. We even took a road trip all the way out to California and back, and saw so many amazing things. Have any of you ever been near Morro Rock? Talk about feeling small!


Sadie was even nice enough to keep me out of the winter weather for several years. She had a Sunbird hatchback at one point, and even borrowed her dad's Aztek for a winter in order to save me from that nasty salt stuff. It makes me feel funny. Last winter was the last time I had to see that nastiness.


Ew. My body lines look like Sadie's old Sunbird hatchback!

I'm getting pretty tired for now, so I guess my next entry will have to be about how I ended up here in this cold shop, hoping I don't fall on top of a Corvair and staring at the nose of the Aztek most of the time. At least the Can Am, Opel and Corvair have some good stories to tell! I do kind of feel bad that the Aztek has to keep going outside, but at least she was made for that sort of thing.

Until next time!

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