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Hello from Pennylvania


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Hello All! My name is Erica. I have been in love with Pontiac's since 2001 when I was looking at cars, and saw a white Grand Am GT. I knew at that time that I would own one, just didn't know of the heartbreak and happiness that would come with it!! I bought my first one in 2009 after I wrecked my husbands ford contour (it wasn't my fault!!) We took the money from the contour and found a 1999 Grand Am GT, white with gray cloth interior. It was in a previous accident (but the title was clean), and didn't look the best (they replaced the trunk lid, and front and rear bumpers with silver SE parts), but we figured we could make it shine again. Then, in 2010, I found a dealership a few hours away that had a LOT of GA GT's. Drove up, put money down on a 1999 GA GT. Black with tan leather interior. Wasn't very fond of the leather... but that car was my BABY!!! It had a reconstructed title, flood damage. Everyone told me it would be horrible, but it was THE BEST CAR I EVER DROVE!!! I won't go into the whole story of it, but I will say I was more or less forced to sell it. A while before that, we had decided to sell the white one. So... I was left without a Pontiac. I was heartbroken. I literally cried everyday, and still sometimes do. It has been a year and a half since I sold my car, and still shed an occasional tear for it. Started looking at them again, and I found a silver one, complete with Ram Air hood. LOVED it!! Unfortunately, the miles were "too high to finance". Found a black one with Ram Air hood... same story; too many miles. However, they showed me a 2007 G6, 4 cyl. I fell in love again. The only thing I truly miss now is a V6. Happiness has once again returned, but I still feel the need for a GA GT. Some day.....

Sorry this intro is so long, just figured I would tell my story from the start. :)

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:welcomeFP: Erica!

Awesome story, glad to hear that people are still passionate with the GA! Do you have any pictures of your previous GA's and your current G6? Anything done to the G6 mod wise, any plans to do anything?

I feel you for the power of a larger engine! Had to get the GT when I bought my G6 back in 2006 and I have a 2012 Camaro 2SS as my weekend car so I know :lol: Been out looking for a new car for my Dad and everything is 4cyl now, it's kind of disheartening for a family who loves power lol. Trying to talk him into a Camaro LT or LS w/ the V6

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Welcome to Forever Pontiac!

I can't remember the last time I saw somebody post about Grand Ams in such a peppy manner. :lol: Or even anyone saying they want one again. :lol: :lol:

G6's aren't bad, but they're just not mod friendly like most other cars.

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Welcome! I have had my g6 for almost 7 years now. My 2.0L 4 cylinder solstice is faster than my 3.9L V6 G6 lol. my next car is going to be faster than my g6 and thats a 4 cylinder also. That is if it ever comes in, I have been waiting 10 wks for the damn thing lol.

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