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Since we don't really have a product review section on here, I'll post this in OT.

So here's the story. As part of my interior lighting project, I bought a 5" flexible LED strip made by Pilot for $15. Fantastic, I thought. 3M adhesive backing, simple wiring. This little strip was to be my glove box light hooked up to a pin switch.

I tested it out with a 9V battery in the glove box, the illumination was great. No problems there. So I went ahead and cleaned off the area where the LEDs were going, and test fitted the strip, bending it to the shape I needed. I peeled off the backing to the adhesive and got problem #1. The 3M adhesive on the strip was a very thin layer of what I guess you could call some kind of adhesive. After a few attempts, I got the strip to stay on after about 5 min. of continuous pressure. And this is where I ran into problem #2. No matter what I did, a small portion of the strip did not want to hold shape. I ran some wire, and long story short, it pretty much started snowing on me, so I packed it in, only needing to fix the flex, place the switch, run the wires to power and ground, and hope I didn't mess up.

So, 5-6 days later (aka today), I go back out to finish the job. I go out and open the glove box, and lo and behold, the strip is just hanging there by the wire and bent into an "S" shape. Greeeeeat. So my first reaction is to first bend it back into shape, and this is where I get my 3rd and final problem. The flexible LED strip snapped in half at the slightest of pressures, rendering a $15 LED strip completely useless.

My only thought is that the strip succumbed to the cold weather and snow we're having. Be that as it may, this is a product that is advertised for not only interior automotive use, but exterior as well. There's even a picture of it on the package being used as an R8 style headlamp mod.

So, buyer beware. I just spent $15 to tell you guys how much this product sucks, I'd hate to see it happen to any of you.

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Moved to lighting mod section as it is a lighting mod even though its a review...

Anyway man, sorry to hear about that!! Hate it when you buy stuff expecting it to work one way then it doesn't work at all for even intended use.

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i really dont want to purchase another Pilot product again.

I'm sorry to hear about that. I had a problem with my LED bar that i bought for my system. the stupid LED's blew out within 3 weeks of only turning it on about 4 times. I know how you feel man. I spent $15 on mine as well. I'd rather just go on E-Bay and order from the companies im used to ordering good quality lighting from.

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Yeah, with certain things, like parts for my car, I refuse to be cheap, as you get what you pay for :lol2:

Y'know, the funny thing is, Oznium, whom I've heard oodle n' boodles of ungodly good things about has cheaper 6" flexible LED strips than the Pilot strips. I just don't like shipping. I guess I learned my lesson. Spent more cuzz I couldn't wait, and the crap breaks.

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' date='Feb 6 2010, 10:47 AM' post='9033']

Pilot isn't all bad. I had their hyper white 885 fogs in my GA for over two years, while silverstars only lasted 4 months. :lol2: I have yellow fogs now.

:agreed: I guess it any plastic at the right temperature would become brittle and break :lol2:

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