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Hi From North-east Ohio

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What's up everyone,

My name is Daniel, found this site earlyer today look's like a nice comunity from what i have seen so far . Im also a member of GOAC (Grand am owners club) and Grand am gt.com. i hope it as much fun over here as it is on the other fourms.

My cars:

1995 Grand Am Gt 3.1 project

1999 Grand Am Gt 3.4 DD


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Thank you.

welcome aboard... just got here myself!

Thank you sir , ya i seen that.

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Ah, another Grand Am owner. Welcome!

You'll find this place much less constricting than GAOC.

yes sir :) love the grand ams :)

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ya i like them my father gave me my 95 for graduation .. back in 09 just got the 99 septemper 9th 2011

I've had the 03 GAGT for over four years now, clocked over 90,000 miles in my possesion.

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Welcome! This place is much better than GAOC, they suck, the amount of children there rivals an elementary school.

thanks. And yes there are a few childesh people on the boards over there


thank you :)


thank you :)

' timestamp='1329714030' post='67072']

I've had the 03 GAGT for over four years now, clocked over 90,000 miles in my possesion.

wow. lots of miles . If im not wrong the 95 GAGT has 289,000. and the 99 GAGT 225,000

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' timestamp='1329767981' post='67083']

Yeah, the Grand Ma is at 152,800 now.

But GAOC = worst forum evAR. My presence was too much epic and win, so I was banned by butthurt admins and mods.

o your car is still young then. lol


can i use links to like facbook alblums? i hate photo bucket..

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if you are gonna use facebook, use "Copy Image Location" and paste it here, so everyone can view it, that is what I do.

well thank you sir :)

' timestamp='1329786158' post='67092']

Young? Shit's old. Certainly shows it's age at times, too.

What's wrong with photobucket? Been using that since 04, with +2300 pics.

ok its got less miles. then most of mine .. nothin actuly wrogn it is just hard for me to understand sometimes

my 95 http://sphotos.xx.fb...6_2522499_n.jpg

my 99 (mines the black GAGT other are peopel from local pontiac club :))http://a1.sphotos.ak...403610453_n.jpg

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