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well, its been a while, pic heavy :P


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its been a while since ive been on here, i got some new pics of the car, and alot of changes were made, along with having to replace the engine, anyway, on with the pics i suppose




new engine :lol:




header!! :lol:





added 1/2" hub spacers in the rear




painted my rims






new engine mount





the 2200sfi coil swap




and just because i could haha


i have ALOT more pics, but i didnt want to post all of them, i honestly dont even remember what stage my car was at last time i was on here, but anyways, you guys can see how much its changed, i look forward to being around more often

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WoW alot of works been done to her! What happened to her did you get into a wreck? Just wondering since the car is to diff colors.

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i honestly dont know what happened with the engine, when a 2.2 ecotec sunfire sounds like a heavily modded impreaza somethings wrong lol, yet i tore the engine down and found nothing broke, or wrong

as for the differet colored panels, the whole front clip on the car was toast from the get go, the bumper was cracked really bad, both fender were dented and rotten at the bottoms, and my doors are fairly rusty at the bottoms, and the cars going blue when i paint it

and thanks, its gonna be a one of a kind when im done

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Some good and bad...

L61 swap: awesome. Brofist for that.

Coilovers; good, but...don't be a douche, riding that low horribly effects the car's suspension geometry. Bad handling galore.

Gold wheels? Does not flow at all. Too random, looks tasteless...

Body colors: do yourself a favor, paint the car one solid color. Looks straight up retarded like that.

Has pontential, but needs serious help.

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still a work in progress, had the eco in her before, just had to replace it

and it handles good enough for how i drive, i dont drive fast like most of the guys around here

the gold wheels will fit in good with the blue paint its getting the the spring

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No, being that low isn't just a handling issue, the car was never designed to be that low. Ball joints, tie rods, bushings, and especially the CV axles and differential are all effected, more prone to damage and premature wear. You're going to regret it.

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the car isnt daily driven anyways, after its finished in the spring, itll be lucky if i have it out twice a week

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Who said I was bashing? I merely stated the obvious problems and hazards that he's gonna run into.

I deal with suspension problems all the time with the shop I work at, and the result of people dicking around with going about lowering a car wrong, and problems it causes to everything else.

Do it right, or don't do it at all. Just saying...

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i didnt say you were bashing me, just stating that JBO makes any other car forum on the planet tolerable in that sence

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