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Track prep?

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Strip all the extra weight. All seats, empty the glove box, remove the spare, only have 1/4 tank of gas. You really wont use that much at the track. Put your tires in the low 20s. Stock is 30PSI right?

If you don't mind spending the money do the football mod. The Cobalts have success with this.

If you do a burn out, do it until you produce a healthy amount of smoke, anything else is basically a waste.

Do you know how to launch properly?

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Shouldn't be any trash on them from the road. Street tires aren't sticky enough to carry much. If the pit area has dirt/gravel then you might pick something up. Most common though is picking up rubber marbles from driving behind the burn out box. Those will make you spin more for sure.

If you can avoid it, try not to drive in the lanes behind the burnout box and go around if you can. If there is not a good way to do that, go through the water box into the burn out area and just do a short spin to scrub the tires. DO NOT spin them long enough to make smoke! Street tires and even drag radials have too hard a rubber compound. They are made to work at lower temps. Heating them up until they smoke actually burns the rubber and releases compounds that just make them oily and actually hurts your traction. The only time you should ever do a burn out is with full slicks. Otherwise a short spin to scrub the tires will do.

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The torrent has a multi-link rear suspension where as the cobalt has a torsion beam. Most likely it has coil-over-strut construction instead of the separate spring and shock like the cobalt, so he probably wouldn't be able to do that.

That's a cool idea though. Never thought about doing something like that before to a car.

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For some reason I was thinking it didn't, but I'd have to actually see one to tell. Unless someone has a picture of the suspension setup on one.

This is what Google shows. I don't know how accurate it is though. \


It would seem like you might be able to do it though.

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What happens if the football pops? :lol:

You'd have two different spring rates, so the handling would suck, but nothing bad, the spring would still hold the car like normal.

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Yeah, hard to tell from that pic. I can see the outboard shocks, but it looks like there might be something inside the spring. Would have to see it in person or a better pic. I didn't find any pics of it when I searched. I just knew the cobalt had a torsion beam suspension and looked up the torrent and found it was multi-link. :lol: Mine is multi-link too but uses a rear strut setup, but if the torrent is a separate spring/shock then it might work.

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To launch it wouldnt I just brake rev it? I am going to try and avoid the water pit and not burnout. My GTP still has that rubber shit on it lol.

Yup. Left foot on the brake to the floor. Right on the gas to around 2k RPM's then when it turns green ease into it, although that is for MY GAGT so you will have to test will be best for yours

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