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  1. LOL The new car mod is nice. I cant believe this thing is a truck it drives like a cadilac compared to my 95 K2500.
  2. I havent been on the forums in a while because I have been very busy running my business. Since I have posted I have sold my Torrent GXP (Miss the power) and purchased a GMC Sierra because I cannot tow landscaping equipment with the Torrent lol. I also purchased another TGP. The TGP I owned previous was rotted to hell so I decided to make it my parts car for my new TGP. My new TGP is from Texas and under the car is beautiful. No rust anywhere! Here are some pics.
  3. To launch it wouldnt I just brake rev it? I am going to try and avoid the water pit and not burnout. My GTP still has that rubber shit on it lol.
  4. I am going to take the Torrent GXP to the track Wed night and see what she runs. Any tips? I know I have to dissable Traction control and stabilatrak. Anything else? Is there a certain tire pressure I should run at track?
  5. Yes I never unplugged anything. I installed intake tubing pre maf so everything above is still stock. The past 3 weeks the tranny has been acting fine so im not sure now.
  6. Just started acting up a couple days ago. The tranny upshifts fine. Only when it downshifts into 4th gear it slams into it. Every other gear downshifting is fine. I know its 4th because I put it into manual mode and watched it downshift and when it hits 4th it slams down. Even in manual mode when I shift to 4th it slams. I am bringing it to dealership before my warrant runs out. Time to put stock intake back in lol
  7. About 30 mins to swap. I don't really wanna drive in the winter but we'll see. My chevy truck gets 8mpg.
  8. The airaid prefilter protector says it's water repellent and is still free flowing. Stock intake setup will be going back in for the winter months.
  9. Just got done installing my CAI setup. I purchased a AIRAID U build it kit. Love the sound of it. Opens motor up real good. Also purchased a rain guard for the filter.
  10. Any one on here use any of there products? I read some reviews on it and it seems like good stuff. http://www.zainostore.com/Merchant2/mercha...Product_Count=2
  11. ZZP Modular pulley system Fenderwell Intake 180 Drilled stat 3 inch downpipe w hi flo cat Resonator delete w/ flomaster 40s Gen V Supercharger Northstar TB Performance trans with 2800 Stall converter, 3.29 gears, transgo shift kit, and all built up internals Koni Adjustables with Eibach springs GMPP Upgrade Handling Kit ZZP Stage 1 Axels DHP Powertuned Currently have a Motor being built for it right now w/ Upgraded cam/heads/pistons/intercooler setup/nitrous ready! I got the chrome rims w/ pirrelis for a sick deal so thats why I had them on the car for one summer.
  12. Purchase in 2005 with 48k on her. First car wash. Had borla exhaust when I purchased it. Chrome Rims Gen V Supercharger upgrade with polished factory fuel rails At the track As she sits now
  13. I ordered my rims of wheelsnext and they suck. They would not help me with a problem I had with my rims 1 year after purchase. Also dont buy HP Design rims. The chrome bullets around my rims started peeling off and neither company cares to help.
  14. Did not get a relay switch with the kit. Two of these and I should be good to go. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/H13-9008-BI...emZ110627684585
  15. Reading and clearing engine codes is the main reason I like the guage. It has the CANDI attachment with the guage. Also if I plan on fabbing up a turbo kit it has some parameters I would like to keep an eye on. And of course calculated horsepower LOL.
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