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What's up fellas/ladies....

No lie, I'm here because someone left a piece of paper under my windshield wiper in a Short Pump, VA Wal-Mart parking lot (Richmond, VA) with this site's URL on it, and "BTW nice G8". Ha, it worked.

So I am into cars and modding like pretty much everyone on here. I'm a medical technologist (starting Tuesday actually!) breaking out into my career and maybe trying med school in the near future. TRYING ha.

I own a white 2008 Pontiac G8 GT and it's my everyday driver anywhere I go. I love driving and I love driving this G8 more than any other car I've gotten into (Can't say I've gotten into any supercars tho).

Even though the pics don't show it, I've added offset double stripes to mimic the Vauxhaul VXRA Bathurst Ed. out of the UK. Took some getting use to but I love it now. All I need now is a supercharger :( ha.

I'll post a complete photoshoot in another topic that's appropriate, but here's a couple.



^some of the skyline


^dirty Richmond :(


^Historic Main St. train station


^blurry, oh well I like it


^reppin' my college car club, Madison Motorsports, homemade this badge out of plastic!

Thanks to whoever showed me the site!

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Great looking G8!!

' date='Jun 4 2011, 03:56 PM' post='55036']

Richmond VA? I think Alex lives out there...

Yeah I was thinking that too, anyway great that people are acting on both sides lol.

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Thanks fellas... yeah the car was a demo on the lot for a year so got a good deal! Hopefully I will keep up with the forum and maybe find this Alex guy ha

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It was for sure Alex, as I think I'm the only one on FP that lives out in the area, and it wasn't me :( ... And Alex is closer to Short Pump than I am.

Also, welcome to FP, and nice G8! :(

EDIT: Just sent a text to Alex, he confirmed it was him.

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YES it worked lol wats up dude im glad u axtually signed up...u had ecals on the g8 i think u need to get some new pics up. Im in short pump and off stuart ave and monument ave and joey dude...wtf get a new thread going u lazy bum lol

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' date='Jun 5 2011, 01:25 AM' post='55062']

I swear...Jimmy needs to install an Alex translator for the forum. :lol:


I may have an idea :lol:

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you guys are sooo hateful lol

Alex translator = "I hate it when I get pooned!"

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