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  1. Mom and I used to say if we could take the best from each car that we would have our dream cars LOL
  2. Welcome! I'm a newbie here, too Nice pics, too
  3. Thanks! There is one other Torrent that is the same color around. Hubby says it's good that mine has the decals so he can tell them apart LOL There are so many Torrents around out here that I feel there should be a Torrent Owners club LOL This is one of my fave pics with my Torrent. It was snowing and the wind was coming from behind the car. The snow was building out from the hood and when I clicked the door lock to pop the lights on so I could see if it was still snowing I loved what I had seen over the head light and had to snap a pic!
  4. Representing Western Nebraska here!! I see lot's of Pontiac cars around here as well as lots of Torrents
  5. I've been pretty happy with the power I'm getting from the engine so far. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've had him up to 100+ a few times, mostly because of those emergency runs to my dads place when Life-Alert calls me. He has some giddy-up and go to him Now if could find dads old '77 Chrysler New Yorker and squeeze the factory 450 from that into my Torrent....... :: waggles eyebrows :: Well we could have some serious fun!!
  6. A bit of back story, my parents had what used to be called Star Route mail routes. Mom had one that was 100 miles a day every day except Sunday. Dad was a policeman and also had a route that was about as long as mom's route but only went on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Needless to say they have had all kinds of vehicles; IH pickup, '57 Lincoln, Volvo station wagon ( that car would go just about anywhere! ), lots of American Motors cars; Ambasador, Rambler, Gremlin, '69 AMX ( Man! I loved that car! Dad told me that another officer had a Mustang and challenged dad to a race, so they found a stretch of highway and proceeded to drag with a State Patrolman as refferee. The AMX beat the Mustang and then beat the Mustang and the State Patrol car, too in a second race. ) an '80 AMC Eagle, Subaru's and the usual Chevys, Chrysler and Dodges. Even had a VW beetle, a GLC Mazda hatchback ( my school car ) and a Renault Encore ( hated that one!! ) So we kids got to drive all kinds of vehicles growing up, from pick-ups to compact cars to station wagons and everything in between. After I got married, we got rid of my baby ( '80 Mazda GLC ) and got an '80 AMC Eagle sedan Automatic 4WD. After that we got an S-10 Blazer, '93 Subaru Loyale Sedan and our Chevy Suburban. I even inherited my Aunt's '83 Cadillac Brougham Diesel ( love that car, too ). We had thought about trading the Suburban and hubby wanted to look at those Dodge Caviler while we were at the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City SD. UGH! I'm 5'4" and I felt cramped in it. No back storage either. So we looked at what the Chevy dealer had there. We liked the Equinox. After we got home, hubby and I were looking online at the Equinox and there was a thing for checking the Blue Book for your trade-in. Hubby said we should see what we might get for our '96 Suburban. So I entered the info and clicked 'Submit'. Two days later a dealer in Chadron called us and asked us if we had heard about the Pontiac Torrent. We hadn't. They had two and asked if we would like to check them out. We went up and were told the '08 Torrent was being test driven, but the '07 was available to look at. We test drove it to Gordon and back. Hubby was very impressed! I knew I liked it, but it helped that hubby liked it, too We went back the next day with our Suburban and traded. While waiting for some paperwork we checked out a Solstice. They told us that it was the same price as our Torrent. Tempting! But with 3 boys that are into rodeo........we stuck with the Torrent Since mom and dad carried mail, I do tend to look at cars with that mindset. I think my mom would have liked the Torrent as a mail car. He hasn't let me down yet on the muddy &/or snowy county roads and it handles great on snowy, slushy and icy highways. I haven't felt this comfy behind the wheel on slick roads since my mom and dads and our '80 AMC Eagle. I've had to drive to and from Denver International Airport at least once a year and he handles I-76 just fine. I'm glad to have a car that can handle dirt roads, muddy roads, highways and Interstates plus my boys and all the wrestling meets, track meets and rodoes we go to. Only thing I would add is handles on the inside doors, it would help my mom-in-law get in and out easier, and they could have not used smooth chrome on the shifter. When the sun hits that.....OY! Other than those minor issues, its a great car on the farm Right now the only other vehicle I love to drive as much is my Freightliner Semi
  7. Thanks for the welcomes! As for mods, I'm pretty happy with him as he is. Although the decal that was on when we got him is peeling off in places so I wouldn't mind a new paint job sometime. Now my teenager would have other ideas I'm sure LOL
  8. I plan to keep him for a long time I do have some more pics, but he's all muddy and dirty I thought the salesman was going to faint when I told him I'd be getting it dirty on our farm Right side: Left side: Just took these this morning
  9. Howdy everyone! I had googled how to get to/change the fog lights on a Pontiac Torrent and one of the links that came up was for here. Nice looking place! I became a Pontiac owner on Feb. 2nd 2008! I have a 2007 Pontiac Torrent, it's my avi pic, AWD with on demand FWD. It was a dealer car and had around 40,000 miles on it when we bought it. I love my Torrent!! Sure there are a few things I'd like to have, handles inside the doors and I really miss that third row of seats from my Suburban, but overall.....Love it!! This is my first Pontiac and I'm glad that I finally have mine!!
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