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First good cleaning this year/season

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I gave the car its first good cleaning yesterday. This was a hard winter on her and she needs a good intense cleaning before I consider her a 100%. But I vacuumed, shampoooed, windows, dusted & armor alled every inch on the inside. The outside I washed and waxed out some minor issues, armor alled, cleaned the sh@t out of the rims & they still need some minor work. Over all im happy to se her all cleaned up. Now I got all the heavy cleaning done Ill need a day or to at it to get her to 100%. Rims need wahing and waxing, the inside of the rims are wicked dirty. The calipers need some touch up and the front ones look kinda bad with alot of chips. grrrr. The paint needs a good stripping and clay bar work then just throw 3 or 4 coats of wax and the outside will be done. Im afraid to look under the hood to see how much grime from winter is there this year. I need new eyelids and dart overlays bad. Hell I got almost 3 years out of them in NE weather. Not too bad but time for new ones and I may do the GS stipes finaly this year. So any who to the pics.......since it was a nice day after I was done I went for a cruze and took a pic or 3 lol.


all the pics. :indian:









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Thanks but the pics hide/make it look better. :indian:

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Your camera does that too?!

So does mine... big time. :D lol

Anywho, sexy G6 ! Keep it up ! (no homo) :indian:

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So does mine... big time. :o lol

Anywho, sexy G6 ! Keep it up ! (no homo) ;)

Thanks big fella! :indian: j/k & thanks. :indian:

Damn fine car !

Why thank you :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well yesterday was round two on the paint. Being a NE car it needed alot more work and as you know I was not happy unless it was 100%. Now it is a 100% :lol2::willy_nilly::angry: . The plows leave little rust chips from the plow blades eveywere on the road. Which transfers to the cars paint so there were tons of little dots of rust all over the car. So I washed here (laundy soap good for taking wax off) then stripped all the wax off the car (clayed). Then funny as it sounds I washed the car again with rim cleaner and just hunted all over the car for dots and carefuly rubed them off with the rim cleaner. then washed here up again with car wash soap to just start fresh with nothing on the car. So then I waxed with a can of mothers, then coat two with meguiars gold. I used the mothers cuz its a cleaner/wax then to the good stuff meguiars gold. This took me all day but I like doing it and it really brought the paint back to life and looks like new. I have some other= stuff to do but im out of money for a bit on car stuff. :angry: I need some caliper paint and new overlays (eyelids&f/r darts) when I get that stuff the outside will be 100%. :)

all the pics.


A mirror finish on silver cars is hard to get and then getting it to show up in pics well almost impossible. what you cant see is all the metal flakes showing up. :)

OOOOoooooo she looks so clean and sparkels so good now. :) :) :)






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  • Founders

so that's what it's like to be unemployed again, oh the good ole days :lol2: just pullin your chain Joe :willy_nilly:

Looks great though! The time and effort really shows with how well it looks!

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:lol2: thanks Jim, yea Chris mine needed some touch up paint for the chips but your black car must be a nightmare. :willy_nilly:
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:lol2: thanks Jim, yea Chris mine needed some touch up paint for the chips but your black car must be a nightmare. :willy_nilly:

That's not even the beginning...

Front Bumper:

-rock chips

-paint fade

-clearcoat fade


-swirl marks

-paint fade

-paint cracks (crow's feet)

-rock chips

-clearcoat damage

The fenders are decent, but suffer from more swirl marks. My car is hella haggard.

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pay me Mark :P

Black is sexy but a PITA then add this past winter and the age of your car. Im not sure I could sleep at night chris sounds like its time for a G8 bud. lol

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