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  1. Montreal_GT

    GXP pics "wheels included"

    Awesome , i wouldnt paint the diffuser black . I think it looks great painted as you have already !! If it was black it would seem kinda invisible... Maybe a very slight tint on the tails , just a smoke , not black . But as it sits, it looks slick .
  2. Montreal_GT

    My 08 GXP Torrent AWD

    I never really liked Torrents , but this thing is sexy as hell .
  3. Montreal_GT

    GTP Daytona 500

    Sweet GP !!
  4. Montreal_GT

    First good cleaning this year/season

    Damn fine car !
  5. Montreal_GT

    Hello !!

    Thanks guys .
  6. Montreal_GT

    Hello !!

    http://i400.photobucket.com/albums/pp88/Mo...GT/HPIM0767.jpg Found an old one from about 2 years ago .
  7. Montreal_GT

    Hello !!

    Thanks, yeah, i gotta get batteries for my camera , and wait for some decent weather.
  8. Montreal_GT

    new hood and tails

  9. Montreal_GT

    Hello !!

    Hello all !! Found out about this site not long ago, decided to sign up .Some of you with GAs might know me from GAOC. Anyway, just thought i would say hello !
  10. Montreal_GT

    pics of my Catalina

    Nice , i would like to get an old car one day. Something to tinker with every now and then.
  11. Montreal_GT

    new hood and tails

    Looks good man !!
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