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2009 pontiac g8 gxp for 2500$

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My really cool neighbor said he would sell me his 2009 pontiac g8 gxp for 2500$ as my first car the car has a ls3 6.2 v8 and a automatic transmission is 2500$ too low or is it fair? Or maybe too high? And how much more will I have to put into it? (Cars starts,runs, and drives , it's been sitting for a year and a half and the guy bought it at an auction for 4k)




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G8 GXP’s are a rare find these days. Maybe even in that condition. Would price in what you’d pay to get it road worthy and nice to the equation here. Going to be hard to say what you’d need from simply a picture. Might want to have someone inspect it firsthand, see if there’s frame damage, what you need to repair, replace, etc…

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welcome to fp :dancingpontiac:.... dont do it !

if i read this correct, your looking at this being your first car ???🙄

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Posted (edited)

Let's put this into perspective. A G8 GXP in good condition and reasonably low miles is worth $30-35k today. So you don't want to put more money into the car than it's worth. 

I'd say for the car as it sits for $2500 is fair. The drivetrain alone is probably worth that in parts, even if you parted the car out. You'd probably make money.

Rebuilding the car will cost a lot more money, but it may well be worth it. Given the rarity of G8 GXPs, these cars will probably appreciate in value in the decades to come. That said, this becomes a huge long term investment and commitment.

You clearly need new all new replacement front end sheet metal and a new steering wheel/air bags. Radiator core and radiator replacement may also be needed based on the photos you've submitted. The motor and drivetrain probably need some level of tune up after sitting all this time as well. Paint matching the new sheet metal will also be needed. I'm guessing a budget of $10-15k is probably needed to get this car back on the road. That's purely a guess. A lot depends on how much you can do yourself, how cheap/expensive replacement parts are, and how much farmed out work costs you. In the end, you wind up with a car worth $30-35k.

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I have to agree with Kiwi! # 1 how many miles on the car! # 2 the cars been wrecked so most likely it’s been recorded on car fax so no matter what you do for restoration you can forget about $30-$35 k for resale. Being a GXP is both good & bad most of the parts are gone as far as new. The hood, front bumper cover, lights etc. & even if you could get them the hood is over a $1000, front cover over $500, headlights are over $400 each. It appears the core support is bent! If you can find new parts to put on & half ass fix the structural components what’s the point. 
If you love the car & you want it just for you to hold on to long into the future; well that’s a different story than! Make the sacrifice & go for it!

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