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1931 Pontiac new engine and rearend angle?

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Hey everyone sorry been a long winter up here in the Frozen North. This weekend I am finally getting back to work on the 1931 4door Pontiac.  I have my universal engine support and mounts. Transmission mount, spring perches and S10 10-bolt limited slip, disc brake rearend. Sat goal is to get the old rearend out of the car and Sundays goal is to get the new brackets welded in. I know that the rearend and transmission should match angles but how do I determine what angle etc. Any advice welcome.

Thanks Dan.

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Well it's not leveled yet because I'm waiting for tires to put on the rims. But the new rearend is under the car. The spring perches on the S10 rearend are 1/2" inbound of the stock rearend. 41" out to out vs 42" on the Pontiac. I also got the old gas tank out, the luggage rack off and the back shield between the rear fenders off. Tomorrow we will be looking at the engine placement and level. 





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Well engine support is cut and welded to mounting plates, just not bolted to frame yet. Next step is I'm ordering new leaf springs so we set this thing on all fours before we lock anything in place.


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Your rear end should be 3 degree's higher then the trans . you have to have that angle so it won't ware out the U-joints. The engine should sit 2-5 degree's low in the back to make everything line up correctly. Anymore then that will make the engine look funny sitting in the engine bay. Won't hurt but will look funny. The angle on the engine is there to keep the engine full of coolant all the time. If it sits to level the engine will end up with air pockets inside & cause over heating problems.  Other then that it looks like you've got a great project going & really want to see it when finished. 

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