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  1. Rexs 73GTO

    Rex Carpenter in Niles MI.

  2. Rexs 73GTO

    HELP I need a part.

    View Advert HELP I need a part. Hi guys & gals , I'm looking for a dash bezel or dash face plate for my 73 GTO. I don't care what color it is as long as it has the wood grain on it & that it is not cut up where someone tried to put in an aftermarket radio. I don't want one that is all broken either. Please tell me & show me what you have. Also I'm not rich so please don't try to sell me one that is over priced. Thanks in advance. Please help me out. Advertiser Rexs 73GTO Date 04/05/2017 Price $40.00 Category Auto Parts
  3. Rexs 73GTO

    Pontiac GTO

  4. Here are a few of my 73 GTO. I bought this car new & it is my baby. After having it for a couple of years I sold it as i just got married & thought I needed a more family car but I kicked myself every day I didn't have it. While on leave at home I saw my car sitting at a parking lot at a restaurant with a for sale sign on it. I made a U-turn on a major Hwy. to be able to turn around , went in & found out who had my car & told the girl I'd be over in 2 days to pick it up. I came back & her father said she had again changed her mind,,, but he said he was going to teach her a lession as this would be the 3rd time she had backed out. We talked about my car for about 20 min's more & I gave him the money & I got the title & brought it home. I spent the next 3 days cleaning & tuning & adjusting thing as it ran terrible & was so dirth inside. But I had it back & even my wife was happy about it. Now it will never leave me again.
  5. Thank you very much & if anyone may want to consider buying this please just let me know & we can talk.
  6. Well My 73 has been in several trims & this one is the current one. In it now is a 400 + .30 which is a 413. I have TRW forged piston with factory rods that have been shot peened & buffed. I run a set of E-heads & a RA IV cam from Crane. I also run a Q-jet with the Pretronix ign. I have RA IV exhaust manifolds & a Performer RPM intake. The engine puts out right at 445 HP & the 373-1 rear end help it get up & go. It has posi to. I had my 455 + .30 over which was a 462 but I kept having trouble keeping bearing in it. The last time I put new bearings in it they went out even faster then the last time at about 400 miles. I took it to machine shop I had used in the past & I found out that the other guys didn't line hone it correctly when I had the 4 bolt caps put in & it was way out. I paid for a bunch of things to be done & most didn't get done & cost me a lot in the long run. But the car went 11:77 at 121 mph with it but it wouldn't stay together very long. I now have it to my old shop & the new build for it is a 455 + .60 over . I now have Ross light weight forged pistons, eagle H-beam forged rods Gapless rings & a new Eagle crank. I'll be using the E-heads after they get reworked along with ??? maybe a roller cam & lifter. But the way the RA IV caCrane worked I may use it again. The RA IV exhaust manifolds will go back on to, along with the Performer RPM intake & Q-jet. The trans is an M-22 with the 373-to-1 rear end it goes great. There are some pics of the car on the interior mods section , But I'll post a few here to.
  7. Rexs 73GTO

    My 73 GTO

    Well I have a 73 GTO & being kinda new here I'll say that you won't probably see another one like it. I have added a 70-71 rear spoiler to the trunk lid of my car. I took a bit to do as the spoiler if added just the way it was would be angled about 35 degrees up in the front. I took a bit to get it to sit correctly on the trunk . It has been on my car for about 36 years as i put it on in 1980. Most everyone that sees it says that Pontiac should have put it on there from the factory. I have had it to several GTO nats & it always get a lot of attention & praise for the wing on the back. Did I mention I bought my car new & also had a hood tach installed before I picked it up at the dealer. It is the correct hood tach that has the vent in the bottom & has the correct vent tube that goes into the heater box. Lots have seen that to & lots want to buy the vent tube , but it's not for sale. My car is now a 4 spd. but came original as an auto. I ordered a new 73 GTO with the 455 SD engine but it didn't come in. Although the order got picked up & then canceled 5 times before I was told finally that it would not come the way I ordered it. I tried to order another one but it was to late as it took forever to be canceled the last time so I had to take what they had on the lot which was one the owners son was driving. But I got a very good deal on it as it had a lot of miles on it when i got it. 8340 miles, but it only cost me $ 2500.00 out the door with the trade of my 69 Firebird. It came with P.S , P.B. Disc brakes & AM 8-track radio & the sport wheel , vinyle top, & the 400 engine. AF coupe. Thats with the louvered side windows. But it's now a 4 spd. with 373 rear end & posi.
  8. Rexs 73GTO

    New to the forum

    My name is Rex & I'm new here & I drive a 73 GTO & I bought it new, well it was a left over as it was a demo because I ordered an SD455 car & it of course never came in. Here's a few pics of my car. Hope you like it. It will have later this year my new engine in it which is a 469. It is a 4spd. & has posi, with 3:73 rear gears. I run alum E-heads round port RA exhaust to. I have a thing for the Crane RA IV blueprint cam as I've used in in my last 4 engine & just like the way they act. I put the rear spoiler on it back in 1981 & it's a 70-71 rear spoiler that I had to re-angle to get it to sit right & build up the stantions to get it to sit level to. The hood tach you see I had put on when the car was new & it has the defroster vent tube that came with the hood tach as it is one that has the vent tube in the bottom of the tach. I epainted the car in 97 in the garage you can see in the background by myself. It is a CC paint & it shines very good even though it is now almost 20 years old. The 4spd. in the car is an M-22 now. The car came with an auto , but as I'm a retired GM service mgr. & I was working in a Pontiac dealer in 89-92 I bought all the parts I needed to put it in correctly. Looking at the car you can't tell it didn't come from the factory that way. But I wanted a stick in the car & I made it happen. Maybe I'll go back to an auto but I don't think it will happen. The car runs & drives as nice as it looks. Thanks for looking. Rex.
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