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Found 4 results

  1. I've got a 1970 T-37 Tempest, which i recently learned through PHS is nowhere near original, so ive decided to swap the motor from a 350 2v to a 455, the 455 i purchased came with a TH400 attached, but is from a 1970 bonneville. The T-37 as of now has a TH350, So I guess my question would be what would need to be changed, if anything, to put the bonneville TH400 into the Tempest or would the TH350 handle the stock 455? Thanks, Sam
  2. This morning, I drove about 3 miles. Put it in park but left it on. Went to leave, put it in drive... and nothing... it will reverse and will also use Tapshift (manual). Also with Tapshift it will go though all the gears. But it won't move or do anything (except rev the engine) in DRIVE. What is wrong?!
  3. I have a 2002 year end (2003) Pontiac Montana, its AWD. It has 138,940 on her. I bought her two and a half years ago for $3200. This thing had one previous owner and she used it as a Yoder-Toter. (She hauled the Amish to stores and what not). She was my buddy haul'in late night summer fishing trip vehicle. Okay enter my denial: And this winter in Ohio we had -20+ temps. One day the wifey was taking her to work and she decided to not put out heat. Well I thought it was the thermostat again. (I replaced it when I first got the van.) I replaced the thermostat. Then I got a coolant flush at Valvoline. They burped the engine. Then I noticed I still wasn't getting any heat. Then I noticed when I accelerated the gauge would fluctuate and then drop to normal and then Id get heat. Well I replaced the ETI(?). The little spark-plug-like thermal sensor that goes into the thermostat housing. Then I burped the engine. On a steep hill. At a very insane incline. Then I talked to a few people. They said it might be the water pump wasn't working. I replaced (even though it wasn't broken.) Took it to my cousins shop. She and her husband scanned it for me and determined I had some kind of head/head-gasket/possible manifold/manifold gasket related problem; along with transmission errors. To break it down. I have replaced: Water Pump. Power steering Pump. ETI sensor Thermostat. Blower Fan resistor fuse. All 4 tires. Breaks are new this year as well. Here are the codes she's throwing: C1216 EBCM Command Pressure Release 2 Long C1224 Right Rear Speed Sensor No Signal C1228 Right Rear Speed Sensor Signal Erratic C1234 Left Rear Speed Sensor Circuit Open/Short C1235 Right Rear Speed Sensor Circuit Open/Short C1236 Low System Supply Voltage C1237 High System Supply Voltage P1811 Maximum Adapt & Long Shift One of my rear CV boots is broken. Anti-freeze-Lower Intake leaking Differential needs servicing. Power steering has a rack leak. Rack and Pinion has leaking seals. Valve cover Gaskets need replaced. ABS is On, AWD disabled. Now you guys tell me what would you do? I have a little less then $4k to work with. Should I do the gaskets myself and hunt down the ABS problems? What about the transmission? None of these problems hit us until we had the deep freeze. No garage. I know nothing of transmissions. I am just a novice backyard/shade-tree mechanic. Should I scrap her and get something else? You guys tell me what you would do? Thank you in advance.
  4. From the album: Upgrades

    Just got the Monster Transmissions built 200 4R transmission installed. It's made a huge difference!! Now I am only turning 2400 RPM at 70 instead of 3400 RPM with the old TH350.

    © NA

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