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  1. So I want to install a b&m shifter in my 82 trans but there is an additional cable attached to factory shifter. Tried to google what it is, goes to, purpose it has, and nothing. I just get pages of hurst b&m summit and jegs websites and just as many of gear shift cables. So can anybody please, for the love of all things holy, please steer me in the right direction?
  2. Stupid question, is the park lock cable needed? Swapping out shifter to a b&m and I think I’m missing the linkage for it... just fabricate the linkage?
  3. Here’s progress so far. 305 to 350 Original state of wiring and what I did
  4. Awesome advice guys thank you much. I’m going to have to do some research but you guys sent me in the right direction
  5. Hey guys still working on my project, and I need a new rear end so I don’t smoke one tire and get them both to hook up.... do I have to change out the whole rear end or just the gears in the pumpkin ?( don’t know the real term for it). Again this is a hobby for me not a money maker so any help would be appreciated thank you
  6. No lost interest trust me. I think that the 80 block will work perfectly though.
  7. Awesome thank you. It’s from a 76 pick up Sorry to be the guy who seems lost but it’s a hobby not a living haha. Would that 76 work?
  8. So a 1980 will be a good fit for my gen 3 firebird? Also have a line on an engine out of a 66 Chevelle? Both about the same caliber but one is 30 miles closer. And thank you for your reply
  9. So I am replacing my engine which was originally 8305 was swap to a 350, but instead of having someone else rebuild it I was going to buy a new one put it in and learn how to rebuild the current 350 in my own spare time. My question is is An old350 Just an old 350 or is that your specific because of the mounting set up? Because I’m finding a lot of good set up’s four 1980 Chevy/Pontiac and older. So can anybody point Me to a direction that can tell me if my car is compatible with any other year of Chevy/ Pontiac years?
  10. So I’m building out this82 firebird for the strip. In order to get to the ignition wires on the column do have to take apart the column ? Because I’ve taken apart every wire harness that’s under there. Yes putting in a push start, with a toggle switch cluster to control a variety of things but mostly it has all my stuff linked to a kill switch. I don’t need 30 people telling me I’m doing it wrong bc it’s not stock. Just asking for help
  11. So is there a back up to the column? Because after disconnecting each harness I can still start the car. (Again it's an intermittent problem and I found a position on the tilt it'll work so leaving it that way until I find the harness.) There are 2 major harnesses down there I've disconnected, if it's supposed to be there and it's not it has to be bypassed. I've worked on engines for fun for a while, wirings a whole other bear apparently. So look in the shifter console?
  12. Have a 1982 firebird, intermittently starts. Feel like I have it narrowed it down to a shorted wire in the column. For the first year of the third gen there is not a lot of help out there. I've disconnected every harness under the dash. So please somebody enlighten me, where is the harness or block closest to the column?
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