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Minor.... okay, MAJOR WHORAGE!!!

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ok fellas the economy sucks and there are 4 shut down dealerships around the corner from me so i went there to see if i could get a few pictures. i only went to one because there were HUGE NO TRESPASSING signs and i was attracting much attention at just the one dealership. i will make my rounds over the next few days... one at a time.

This used to be a Bill Kay Chrysler dealership (dead) but i saw the "God Bless America" and got all patriotic

also if someone could photoshop the letters on the top of the roof to be "Forever Pontiac" or "1926 (pontiac symbol) 2010" that would be cool too...

and yes, my lower grills and calipers need to be repainted but i am saving for brembos because i am tired of repainting those calipers every year.














What do you think?

Any POTM worthy?!?!!?

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' date='Aug 17 2010, 02:37 PM' post='35461']

Nifty. I'm digging the normal hood over the CF hood now. :lol2:

So does the wife... i had plans to have the hood and rear deck lid in CF but because no one did the OEM Hood group buy there was no way they were going to make me a trunk...

i am a fan of the raw CF. it is a bit Ricey but i like it.

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wish i could get rid of the side moldings but there are holes under the molding. and i dont want to pay to remove and finish the holes.

Plus i do like the functionality. I am the person who parks WAY in the back of the parking lot... like the END of the lot and i get assholes that park next to me on purpose to piss me off. and those guards saved my doors...

Also i want the black mirrors because i am going to do black wheels and black calipers (when i get the brembos)

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  • Founders

Looks good, very cool pics. I've been meaning to stop by the Pontiac dealership I bought my car at that got shut down to get pics but haven't made it there since they moved it, last year and with my luck all the Pontiac stuff is all down now :lol2:

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lol definitely an interesting background. Pics look good. It is really hard sometimes to find a good place to take pics that you won't get in trouble or attract too much attention. Anyway, get yourself some G2 caliper paint and you won't have to keep repainting them. :lol2: Going on 4 years on mine.

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love the g6 man. is that bill kay on 59? i wasnt aware they shut down

No, that bill kay is on ogden (rte34) in naperville. There is a dodge, BMW and Land Rover dealership over there that are closedor moved. The displays are still there so i am going to get more pictures at them soon. Like i said... Enough attention for one day. Plus i was holding a camera withthe murder pictures on it.... Lol

Joe- thanks man. Ithought the background was too good to pass up.

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