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Friends 2003 Impala making weird noise

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The best way I can describe the noise is a really muffled exhaust. Its clearly able to be heard in the video. Its coming from the passenger front area around the wheel. It continues even after RPMs drop off. He put in in neutral and coasted down a hill and it picked up as we went faster. I'm thinking it has to be something isolated between the transmission and the wheel. It sounds like something rubbing but I found no indication of wear on the tire, rim, or wheel well surfaces. I also noticed a slight shake when we started moving indicating a misalignment in the front.


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Maybe a wheel bearing going bad..

Thats what I thought, but the wheel bearing my my 07 GP (3rd Gen W-body vs his 2nd Gen W-body) on that same wheel is starting to go and it doesn't sounds like that. Mine is like a *wub wub wub* that gets worse if the body rolls towards the tire (going left) and goes away after it rolls the other way. His is just a constant noise no matter what hes doing as long as hes moving.

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Honestly, it will probably be one of three things

Wheel bearing


Half Shaft.

Take the car out for a good 25 min drive once it is stopped use a laser thermometer to check the two front bearings. If one is substantially warmer then that is your culprit. Take the tire off and see if the brakes are still good. Then spin the wheel with the car in neutral and see if it makes any noise, Check the Half shaft boots and see if there is any cracking. Take the 34 mm nut off and tap the half shaft out about 3/4 of the way. Grab the hub face and see if it moves in and out.

If not check the belt tensioner and the idler pulley of the accessory drive for the motor. Those are prone to going too.

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