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FedEx dropped these off today at my Dad's shop. Had to empty almost 1/4 of a dumpster's worth of popcorn lol!

They're Speedline Mistrals, aluminum and around 20 lbs. 17" x 9.5"

Gotta get them refinished/powder coated and I'll put another speedline logo on them. They're reflective so I gotta find a good place to get them. The paint is only chipped off, the aluminum is perfect underneath, no gouges. These were used on an SCCA race car from what I understand so they saw alot of tires mounted and dismounted. Trying to get more info from the owner and also Speedline Corse in the UK.

What do you think of Gunmetal or Anthracite wheels on a Maroon car? I'm thinking white logo, but a body colored logo could work...






And it turns out these might be more rare than I thought. There are some that were released on the Vauxhall Vectra ST200's and only 35 produced for that model itself. Can't find any info on what might have run the 17 x 9.5's though.

Might just need to send an e-mail to Speedline corporate and get a history lesson lol!



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9.5?! Damn cuz!!!

I'm willing to bet I'll still fight for traction. 3800 stall will be a mad mofo to keep in line over anything past part throttle lol!

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Decided I'll just spray them. Learned something that made me think twice of powdercoating something this important.

Watch powdercoating wheels. Aluminum wheels don't like to be heated (such as baking the powdercoating) and in a few cases wheels have cracked. I'd consider the option of stripping them and just repainting or some other refinishing. I had painted wheels that I touched up every year (quick shot of spray (wheel) paint) and they looked great.

There is some other supporting info from a few other road racing boards. If they're powdercoated from the factory, that's fine. But after the fact, especially on wheels from the mid 90's and campaigned in road racing, I'm going the safe route of just spraying them after prepping properly.

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' date='Mar 1 2010, 11:53 PM' post='14073']

What color did you decide on?

Going with the same color as the C5 Z06 speedlines.


They're darker than the OEM firebird alloys, but not too dark. I think that when they're too dark, they just don't show up too well or look like they're caked in brake dust.

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' date='Mar 2 2010, 06:56 AM' post='14089']

I likey. They'll look great in that color. I'm guessing the Speedline decal will be redone in black?

Yeah, I'll probably go with a black logo to keep the look somewhat original.

I got an e-mail back from Speedline Corse UK division and they're going to forward it to the Italian division as that is where it was manufactured. Progress lol!

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