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  1. G0VTCH33ZE

    My 240sx build

    Shit's weak now lol, shit will get real as I unload these turbo parts for $ to buy a motor.
  2. G0VTCH33ZE

    My 240sx build

    Well I've scrapped the KA-T & going LSX. Sold the Brides, selling the turbo parts... Motor & trans pulled... & traded for this LSX/T56 mounting kit. Trailered it home Also traded the 350z wheels for a brake uprade.
  3. G0VTCH33ZE

    My 240sx build

    Yea I fell into that deal lol, hella cheap. They're the Vios 3 Low Max, snug as FORD too, have to lose some weight.
  4. G0VTCH33ZE

    My 240sx build

    It's getting there, whatever's cheap is what I'm buying first. Thanks!
  5. G0VTCH33ZE

    My 240sx build

    I'll prob have another Pontiac down the road, but alas... Picked this up a couple hours after selling the gto, it's an SE, 5spd, factory lsd car. Within about a week & a 1/2 of owning it, this is how far I've gotten, still in the process of collecting parts. I had pretty much sworn off all projects due to my hip giving me all kinds of pain, with a few tweaks to my prosthetic, I'm now ready to tackle whatever! Still a little foggy on what to tune with, it's looking like maybe a stand alone, seeing as most other options are a little costly anyways. My goal is to have this turbo build done within a $1200-$1400 window, sourcing gently used legit parts, & putting down a reliable high 300ish-whp on a stock bottom end. So far it's looking very promising... So far we have... Borg Warner 57trim Tial 38mm w/g Tial 50mm bov FIC 550's Evo factory fmic AMW catch can Walbro 255 Misc box of i/c pipes/clamps/couplers Aeromotive AFPR Picked up seats/shift knob/350z wheels for cheap as well... Crammed in there lol
  6. G0VTCH33ZE

    My other project

    Dude Sammy that's what's up! When I was done with my accord, I had a $3,000 sleeper that put buss lengths on a 3.8 genesis coupe. I've always had so much faith in the f-series cars, they're cheap as FORD, cheap to build, iron sleeved, capable of a solid 400whp on a stock bottom end, & 9 times out of 10 they haven't been torn up like civics. If you need any help, tips, etc. let me know. Now go buy a good parts car for another $500, & have a ballpark $1,000 sleeper lol.
  7. G0VTCH33ZE

    Check out this taillight setup for the GTO!

    Like it, but don't love it. Just looks a little too busy in the back end, idk maybe it's just me.
  8. G0VTCH33ZE

    New ride

    Ugh, still procrastinating, it's been hot/humid as a motherfucker, my civic needs a head gasket, & my new gf is taking up all my free time. So needless to say it'll be a little bit before I get anything hooked up. lol
  9. G0VTCH33ZE

    G0VTCH33ZE's 02 GA GT1

    No, the kid I sold it to did, if I can't have it no one can lol. I didn't really care at first, but just sitting here looking at the pics makes me realize all I gave up for it and all I put into it. Kinda sad.
  10. G0VTCH33ZE

    New ride

    Picked up some nitrous stuff, wanting to install some of it this weekend. Just collecting it as it comes, no hurry.
  11. G0VTCH33ZE

    New ride

    Thanks everyone They look like it, but they're actually ls1 Camaro 16's w/o the center caps. never noticed it lol. It'll look something like this when I get another spare & m/t skinnys up front...
  12. Spoilers are gay, all my cars have had them removed or never had one. Looks some much more threatening too. Like a bobcat!
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