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armber corner removal

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' date='Feb 16 2010, 11:47 PM' post='12186']

The amber lens is attached to the main lensitself, not the housing. Either way, you gotta crack them open for removal.

but it can be done?

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There are black housing headlights all over ebay too.

Yes, it can be removed. You bake the headlights in your oven to heat up the "glue" that attaches the lens to the housing.

Then when the time is right, you pry it off, and play around inside. This is how I made my headlights black.

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both of these stores are out of stock lol i checked a while back

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Get ur headlights (amber section) painted colormatched to your car. :angry:

or use VHT nightshade to tint it.

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thats wut i really wanna do it be sick

that overlay link I posted also had tinted ones "Dark Smoke (67% light transmission)" and that would be eaier that spray tint. :dancingpontiac:

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' date='Feb 17 2010, 05:13 PM' post='12318']

Since the lens in inside the housing, use the hobby tint I use for tinting:

Racing Tint, pt # RC-294


Like six bucks a can, available in almost every Hobby store.

hobby store :dancingpontiac: i think u forgot i live in pueblo chris lol

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