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Sold the SSEi


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Hey guys, been a while!

Well, as some of you may know, I sold my 2001 SSEi last month, it was a long and hard decision for me to make, but driving 150 miles a day was taking its toll on her, and me. The seats were worn out, causing my back to ache, among other things. Though I am MORE than happy with my replacement, because I found my dream, a 2009.5 G8 GXP. Sheila is #14 of 81 as optioned, and #267 built out of 1,829 GXPs. I have lots of mod plans, which I'll post as they get done, so far I have done the stereo, yellow fogs, made the hood vents functional, and deleted the "Pontiac" script on the deck lid and GM chiclet badges on the fenders.

Bought with 21,8xx miles on 3/15, today sits just over 27k

Without further adieu, pics!






I know my plates make no sense now, if anyone has new vanity plate ideas please let me know!!


Accel Video

Stock Exhaust :o

And a flyby video from my meet last weekend. The Trans-Am near the end is mine too, she's still kickin'.

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My Camaro is on the same platform as a G8, does that count?

Think of it terms of beer. The G8 drinks Fosters (g'day). The Camaro drinks Molson (eh).

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Lmao! That's a new one! Though honestly the G8 just feels like a Camaro you can see out of. :P

Jk I love both of them. But the GXP is something I've always wanted to own, and I finally got the chance.

Sent from The Stig

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Well, I can certainly approve of that dream since it was my dream too. I only bought mine about a month ago and it's #1233 out of 1826 and #9 of only 15 with this set of options. (A6 and no sunroof.) Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the G8 GXP club!

I haven't completed any mods on mine but I'm already looking at the Vararam OTR intake, the Solo axleback exhausts, and a set of lowering springs. Beyond that, I don't really know what I'd like to do. I'm just happy to have it.

Here's my favorite shot of mine so far: i.imgur.com/WyIYDuY.jpg

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Beautiful! Yeah I love having a sunroof. I use it all the time. There were 81 in my option list because it was the most popular press car option list, all the magazines and shows etc got cars optioned like mine. Sadly mine wasn't a press car, that would have been neat to have. But like you mentioned I'm ecstatic to have it. I have mod ideas, but not really huge plans. I hate to ruin surprises so I don't think I'll tell much as to what I'm doing.

I'll be adding to this today or tomorrow if that says anything though. ;)

Sent from The Stig

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Lmao! That's a new one! Though honestly the G8 just feels like a Camaro you can see out of. :P

The Camaro actually doesn't bother me at all. Have had it over a year now and I haven't come to an issue with seeing out of it. Then again my G6 isn't neccisarily a fish bowl either.

A thread usually pops up every now and again on Camaro5 by some newb who just bought the car complaining about the visibility and honestly you have to be retarded to buy the car if you hate the visibility that much. Do I think GM could have made it better? Yes, but it didn't stop me from buying the car or driving it. You honestly get used to it :)

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I believe that you would. And it wouldn't stop me buying one either, I've driven worse, but mine would also probably be a droptop anyway. Haha

Sent from The Stig

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