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  1. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Which is why I got a GXP, not everyone can get those. jk Thanks! Sent from The Stig
  2. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Nope not at all. Sent from The Stig
  3. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Got tinted today! 20% all around. I'll get more pics when the car is clean (er).
  4. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    I believe that you would. And it wouldn't stop me buying one either, I've driven worse, but mine would also probably be a droptop anyway. Haha Sent from The Stig
  5. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Beautiful! Yeah I love having a sunroof. I use it all the time. There were 81 in my option list because it was the most popular press car option list, all the magazines and shows etc got cars optioned like mine. Sadly mine wasn't a press car, that would have been neat to have. But like you mentioned I'm ecstatic to have it. I have mod ideas, but not really huge plans. I hate to ruin surprises so I don't think I'll tell much as to what I'm doing. I'll be adding to this today or tomorrow if that says anything though. Sent from The Stig
  6. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Lmao! That's a new one! Though honestly the G8 just feels like a Camaro you can see out of. Jk I love both of them. But the GXP is something I've always wanted to own, and I finally got the chance. Sent from The Stig
  7. SSEiMan01

    Sold the SSEi

    Hey guys, been a while! Well, as some of you may know, I sold my 2001 SSEi last month, it was a long and hard decision for me to make, but driving 150 miles a day was taking its toll on her, and me. The seats were worn out, causing my back to ache, among other things. Though I am MORE than happy with my replacement, because I found my dream, a 2009.5 G8 GXP. Sheila is #14 of 81 as optioned, and #267 built out of 1,829 GXPs. I have lots of mod plans, which I'll post as they get done, so far I have done the stereo, yellow fogs, made the hood vents functional, and deleted the "Pontiac" script on the deck lid and GM chiclet badges on the fenders. Bought with 21,8xx miles on 3/15, today sits just over 27k Without further adieu, pics! I know my plates make no sense now, if anyone has new vanity plate ideas please let me know!! Accel Video Stock Exhaust And a flyby video from my meet last weekend. The Trans-Am near the end is mine too, she's still kickin'.
  8. No clue on part numbers, but I bet Hawksthirdgenparts.com probably sells them.
  9. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    It wouldn't be a Pontiac forum without two Will's with Ivory white 01 SSEi's, factory twins, modded quite differently! lol
  10. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    WIU Eh? I almost decided to go there next year when I transfer out of Community College. Kinda in the middle of nowhere...lol
  11. SSEiMan01

    Just fell onto this Pontiac forum

    LMAO God's waiting room... Don, that van sounds familiar... Nice to see you here.
  12. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    Not too far from you actually, Orland Park. I can make it to the DeKalb area in about 45 minutes. Not too bad to get to Rockford.
  13. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    A little bit...I'm plotting some evil things for it in the future. Thing makes you scratch your head with how quick it is on a stock pulley. I have a FWI, PLog, 3" DP, Magnaflow cat, Holley Glasspack in place of rez, and two Flowmaster Super 44s out back. AMAZING sound IMO. Also a 180 Tstat. Other than that, I'm almost positive I'm forgetting most of what's done, but I have a lot of visual mods done, as well as a ton of work into making the paint look like shiny melting ice cream...lol I can't leave any of my cars alone...the Bonnie makes my Sixth car in the 3 or 4 years I've been driving, and its not the first to get modded, although these two got the most since I've had them the longest, T/A 2 years 2 months, and the Ei almost 1 year, Dec 1st.
  14. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    Proud owner of a 00+ with no hood herpes and fuel door rot, and even more proud owner of a Thirdgen that is RUST FREE!
  15. SSEiMan01

    New from IL

    I heard about this site from some guy named Ed... Looks pretty neat, figured I'd introduce myself. My name's Will and I have two Pontiacs and I am part owner of a 66 Olds Cutlass. My two are a 01 SSEi (DD) and an 85 Trans-Am (project). Here are some pics, T/A's at paint right now, for too long already, but this is the best it ever looked before it went off to the bodyguy. Because I can...lol I'll get more pics of the Bird when it's view worthy... New motor mid-install, I don't have any finished pics, but I do have a video of it on youtube. New hood
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