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    Welcome to Forever Pontiac, where we keep the memory of Pontiac alive with great discussion, maintenance tips, restoration/modification progression "blogs" and help from professional & DIY mechanics. Also, wonderful competitions that occur regularly. Please register for an absolutely free account to join in!

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Sayin' howdy from Canada. Good work preserving the brand on this forum! I've gotten re-interested in Iron Indians since their discontinue, having had a long personal history with them. Lemme see now:

Dad had a '48 Silver Streak Sedan Delivery till about '60; In '58-'60 we also had a 'Merican '50 torpedo back broke down and sittin' in the bushes for a while- that's where I learned to kiss a GURL

Then Dad had the '52 sedan, not for long (valves went); Then the '58 Strato-Chief (Canadian);

In '64 I got a '54 4 dr- my first car- brush painted by the prev. owner.

Then I was Pontiac deprived till my bro's '74 TA w/ 400. And personally deprived till '81 with a FIrebird Esprit T-top, then in '03 when we got the '02 GP, with the 3.1. Great mileage- 37 Imp which is about 20% lower in US gal.

More later!

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oh.. this guy will fit in just perfectly.

Welcome to Forever Pontiac

You'll be most interested in Frosty, Justa6, notallthere, me and...uhm, am I forgetting anyone? lol

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Thanks, everyone! Nice to be made welcome.. I've been on some forums in the past, was met with stony silence. Don't remember which one they were now- imagine that ;-)

There was a question of pics.. I have some that I gotta scan first- in fact I have a lifetime's worth of pics that, shall we say, need to be converted from analog to digital. 3 large storage bins, in fact!

My latest car show was up here in Edmonton, at the Iron Indians Car Club, and it kinda helped re-light the fire.. They have some nice stuff around here in spite of our- ahem- seasonal approach to car shows! One guy had a '00 GP GTP with boosted blower that put out over 400 hp of tire smoke- loved it.. Lots of blue engines there too. Oldest was a '39. Couple G8 GTP's too; one blown, one v8. Niiiice.

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I think you mean G8 GXP. :lol:

Basically you had three trims with those, base had the LY7 3.6L DOHC V6, GT had the 6.0L OHV V8 (the L76, not LS2 as a lot think) the GXP had the LS3, same as the Camaro SS. That's the 6.3L OHV V8.

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