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Hello from suburban Chicago!


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New guy here. Glad to find this place, so many beautiful Ponchos, new and old. I'm partial to Grand Prixs of all years, also the big 60s boats, the 80s-90s stuff- pretty much all of them.

Currently, I drive the hell out of a 95 Grand Prix GTP, which I bought new and now has over 308,000 daily-driver miles- all on the original engine. (I’ve had the heads off to fix a couple stripped spark plug threads and refresh the valves, but the bottom end is still factory sealed.) I've been to 27 states in this car, including a killer romp from Chicago to San Francisco, down the PCH to LA, and back again. She has tasted the salt at Bonneville, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Michigan Upper Peninsula, and all points in between. Three days after I bought her new, I drove from Chicago to the Badlands of South Dakota, which is apparently just the ticket for proper break-in.

I have taken great care of this car, and even showed her to a small degree, mostly small local cruise nights and such, although she did place 3rd at a POCI show back in 2001. Then about 6 years ago a Toyota Supra turned left into my path, banged up the left front and left rear of my mighty GTP. FWIW, the Supra left the scene on a flatbed, dribbling coolant, and with the front end shoved over about a foot. I drove myself away. American iron 1, Japan 0.

Bought a house and had another kid since then, so the GTP has suffered a steady decline due to neglect. But she’s still pretty reliable, overheating lately though, and still hauls the mail when I stand on it. Someday, when she gets to retire from daily driver duty, I’ll try to bang her back into shape. My daughter is showing an interest in cars, so I'll get her to help me clean the old girl up and bring her back from the edge.

My wife was recently promoted at her job, which means that I should be able to buy a new car next summer. It looks like a Grand Prix GXP will be very much in my sights. Started looking online just for kicks, and I found a 2005 for $11,500, with only 66k miles. HUD, sunroof, paddle shifters, and the honkin’ 5.3L V-8. Of course, this one won’t be around in a year, but if I found one like this now, there will be more a year from now. While I wish it were a two-door, I really like those GPs and the V8 is just icing on the cake. A 6-speed manual would be nice, but the manumatic 4-speed will do.

I’d like a 2005, since it’s exactly a decade removed from my 95 GTP, they’d make nice bookends that way. On the other hand, since I call my 95 the Mach 5, a 2006 GXP could be the Mach 6. A 95 Mach 5 and an 06 Mach 6, see?

FWIW, my wife drives a 2005 Montana SV6. We have 2 kids, and my wife regularly cares for my sister's 2 and my niece's kid, so it comes in handly. I wish the power sliding doors weren't so troublesome, but we like it.

Joy, peace, and axle grease!


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Keep in mind, now, these are from about 8 years ago, in her prime. Taken at a Pontiac show in Pontiac, IL:



A misc shot:


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Nope, 4-speed auto. The 5-speed W-body GPs were from 88-93 only.

And thanks guys! I just wish to heck she still looked like this. Rust sucks.

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Very nice looking GTP! White and blue is one of my favorite color combinations but I would never drive a white car :lol:

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I love the white and blue. It reminds me of the 72 Trans Am


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