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SSEi² :: Update 3/22 - Another Photoshoot

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Haven't been posting much here but I hope to pick back up. But a litle back story here, I lost overdrive on my white SSEi back in October and I had initally parked the car thinking the rest of the gears were gonna leave me on the side of the road not long after. But I found out it is a common issue on the 4T65 transmissions for the 4th clutch hub to strip the splines off over time. I ended up still driving the car and have put another 10k miles on it, gas mileage has takin a hit, down to 18mpg from the 25 I was getting. But anyways, I started saving was initially looking for a used transmission and wasn't having any luck. Then around the time I had enough to consider a new/rebuilt trans I came across another 2001 SSEi for $1k. The guy made it sound like it was in terrible looking condition over the phone but said it did run and drove great but had just started making ticking noises coming from the top end of the motor so he parked it. My intention when I bought it was to steal the trans, rebuild the motor for my own car at a later date and part out the rest. But once I picked it up I had decided it was too good to part out. The engine trouble all came down to a water pump and 4 lifters had collapsed. I replaced all the top end gaskets and general tune up and she now runs perfect and doesn't look half bad at all. So now the plan is to sell it and get a built transmission from Triple Edge Performance that will handle what I have planned for the car, rather than getting a used/stock unit that will likely blow up or have to be replaced in a couple years with more mods.

Anywho, found the time to snap a few pictures with them together. Only had a few minutes while my brother was around to drive the other car down to the boat landing down the road. This "Dark Bronzemist Metallic" color is growing on me the more I look at it...I'll have to try to get a few more shots before it's gone. :D















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They both look great congrats!!! :indian:

I love the white on white rims......

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys! Yeah I was really surprised once I saw it that he was only letting it got for that much, but to his credit he thought the motor was done. Either way it was a steal even as a parts car.

I've had a dozen or so bites on the sale so far...2 scams, 1 other possible scam. Yay.

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Wasn't sure if I should have started a new topic but I figured I'd add more pictures here since this thread is pretty recent anyway. But here's more from the white one, Chloe.

I drive by the Hampton Coliseum all the time but only just recently thought about using it to take pictures with. Turned out to be a great spot, I really want to go back for night shots when the place is lit up, but they only light it up for events, which would also mean it would crowd it up.... They light it up around Christmas/New Years with colors though, I'll just wait till then.

In the mean time I'll share what I got, hope you like :)























Begging to be lowered...

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They're SSEi tails, I cut the amber lens out. The GXP tails don't have any of the stripes, and I'd be a dead man if I had painted stripes on a GXP light haha!

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Your car reminds me of the 1988 triple white 35th Anniversary Chevrolet Corvette.

I'm curious if this was an influence on the them of your car?


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