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Northeast meet? (July-August)


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We really need to have a meet with the Northeast peoples. We could do a halfway point somewhere, I'm thinking Connecticut possibly. I could hop on the ferry, but that's hella pricey.

Thoughts, guys. Our site has existed for over two years now, and no official meets yet. We're slacking.

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I'm down.

Spring/summer meet would be cool. I could show off my car that I love to pieces (literally)

Anyone interested should post their location so we could get the ideal location.

Chris: NYC.

Me: Southwestern MA'

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Somewhere upstate could work, too...I have a good amount of friends out there, so finding and organizing a good spot shouldn't be too hard...

The PA folks shouldn't be afraid to venture out as well.

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yeah at least 10 people would be good. i think the problem we might see is that we aren't concentrated in one region enough.

this would be the first pontiac related gathering i will have gone to (if it happens). never felt the urge to go to the GAOC gathering, some of those people rub me the wrong way. i still like to hang out with the beretta crowd rather than some of those clowns.

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Ugh, I still have no respect for the GAOC regulars. Especially after how they treated my friend Lizzy like a piece of shit, and even let the shit talking run rampant on their forums.

Joe used to be out in MA, Jimmy and Joe need to come drive up. :lol:

I'll put up a topic on GAGT.com and Facebook later on.

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  • Founders

I actually want to do this. Maybe we can convince Ringo to travel to sweet home New England hahah

:( Would if I had the time. I'm taking time off the first week of June for my sisters wedding so don't think work will like another week off in July from me, especially when then I'll probably be in the middle of a huge site deployment.

' timestamp='1326289655' post='64817']

But then Jimmy will have to put miles on his G6! :lol:

<_< It's a classic! :rofl:

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<_< It's a classic! :rofl:

God-forbid you break another serpentine belt :rofl:

I might be able to get my buddy from school to come. He doesn't have a Pontiac but he has a 4th Gen Mustang Convertable, 5 speed manual that he mods himself and I bet Chris might have opinions about it.

Know anything about 'stangs? lol

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So far, myself, Mike (Havoc), Brendan (99gagt3x00) and Young gun.

Any other Pontiac, or even GM forums you're on, spread the word. Worst case, it'll be a big GM owners meet!

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