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My Day (At a track)

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As many of you know my buddy's 240sx was stolen and totaled last Friday. Tuesday he rebuilt it, and Wednesday he cut the suspension, since he couldn't get new coilovers quick enough. Then today at 2:30 he finished the alignment, and had 7 extra tires ready to rock. Due to other events, (having to source a new spare helmet for passengers). We didn't leave Anderson until 3:30. We arrived at 5:00, after some gas guzzling driving.

We are at the track now, and he has passed inspection. He goes out for his first couple of runs. The track is a figure 8 BTW. Unfortunately he is solo, and seems almost scared, even though he has done this before. He isn't keeping his RPMs up, and he isn't releasing the wheel properly. The driver's name is John. After a couple of runs John comes back over to our "pit" and the three of us talk. Finally we decide to send Carlos out with him, to mostly just scream at him and hopefully get him out of his funk.

They go out, and the effect is easily noticed. John finally starts loosening up. However he still isn't going at it like he should be at this point. As embarrassing as it is to admit he was still on his first set of tires after close to a dozen runs. Since he still isn't doing his thing right, we sent him out with a pro driver that was there. The ride along did its job.

John finally starts busting out the 8s like they're going out of style. He does a couple more passes and its 8:00 so we leave and grab dinner. Track food costs way too much money. When we get back, we notice one of his tires is flat. Finally we get out the second set of the night. After the quick tire change John goes back out for the next two hours or so. At this point he's tearing it up, Carlos hops back in the car with John. Two runs latter the car dies in the middle of the track. This is bad, since we didn't trailer the car. It had to drive by the end of the night.

After some help pushing the car back to our spot, we start checking stuff out. The car will start, but it dies very quick. We check everything we can think of. Eventually we find the cause. John had popped a coupler off of the I/C piping. After removing the front bumper (which we just left off), we took maybe a minute to repair the car.

Once the repair is done, they are back out there, bumperless. When I left around 11:00 John was still destroying it, but the night was winding down. Overall I would say the night was a success. John got loosened back up for the season, and the car was running decent, for having a terrible rear suspension.

Sorry if I bored you with a long winded, non-Pontiac story.

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