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When & Where: Spring Fling, 2011!! POLL


Choose Your City and Date, Thanks Ya'll  

5 members have voted

    Please sign in/register to vote or see results of poll. Votes will be made public once the poll closes.

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Here we go again, it's time to put on our thinking caps, and figure it out! Where and When, that's all we need to know on this Poll. Thanks.

Choose: 1 City/1 Date!

Meet Point/time will be posted once the city and date chosen by a majority. Three(3) Cities Have Been Chosen, and you're allowed 1 city/1 date, please.


1st: Sacramento - it would be nice to take a drive up Highway 50 to Tahoe on Saturday and enjoy the spring sunshine. Nice wynding roads up for a little drive.

2nd: Fresno - not too much to say about Fresno, it's a melting pot for most to meet up, and well, if there is a nice place to take a drive, Pete will let us know.

3rd: Santa Monica - nothing more to say than "The Snake".........Mulholland Drive and Hwy 1 to Malibu. Wonder if I can meet up with Charlie Sheen and go hooker hunting?

Date - It's going to be a date in April, cause it gives most time to plan for it.

April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, or 30th?

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I said Santa Monica and any day, only because I'll be in a new unit in April and I have no idea what the schedule is going to be like and when/if I'm going to be deploying anytime soon.

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Don't need it... we ga betta chowda in WESATCOAST anyhows! :lol2:

This = lies!!!!!!!!!



No one make a better Chowda better than us! :lol2:

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  • 4 weeks later...

G6P Polls show 3 for Sac, 2 for Fresno and 3 for Santa Monica. There are 2 votes for April 2nd, 3 votes for April 16th, and 3 votes for April 30th.

Going by the combined poll number from here and G6P, it looks like Santa Monica on the 16th would be the winner with the most votes if the meetup were to be decided by just the poll.

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Hmmm.... I'll have a car by then. lol

Well, I guess since BAM is in charge of this one. It's kinda up to him, unless due to recent circumstances he wants to cancel?

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sorry guys, I'll post up the final location and date this evening. I'm thinking I'd like to go ahead with Santa Monica, and I'll give the new momma a call and check with her for the final and bestest place to meet, posting will be tonight, I'm sure of it. Thanks again ya'll.

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  • 1 month later...
...till someone can figure it out.

isnt that why we have you here? :lol:

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