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  1. Here's the final update. Talked to my brother-in-law who was a sales manager at a Cheverolet dealership in Vegas. He mentioned the 5 year, 100,000 drive train warranty and that it might be worth the trip down to the dealership to have them look at it. So I decided to roll the dice once more and took it into the dealership. Now, 3 weeks later, I just got back from picking up my car. They had to pull the motor and tear it apart, but the did find that the crank bearings were worn and one of them was actually broken. They replaced the bearings, put Ginny back together and it cost me nothing out of my pocket. They even took care of my rental car cost for the past two weeks. I forgot how much I loved this car, but was quickly reminded once I hopped on the freeway and gave her some gas. Hearing the intake roar to life and feel my body get pulled into the seat a tad was amazing. Of course, it could be because I was driving a gutless Chevy Malibu the past two weeks....but who cares! I got my car back, she is running and most importantly, she is not ticking anymore. Thank you to everyone who chimed in and gave me some advice, suggestions, etc. It's great to know that while I may not be a top 10 poster here, everyone is quick to try and help regardless!
  2. As I was watching the first video again, it really does sound very similar to the ticking noise that I hear on my car. I wish the guy had rev'd up his motor a couple times, but I think tomorrow I am going to start with the Seafoam trick and if that does not produce anything, I will try the rag trick from the other video. If anything, this will either show me the problem is an exhaust leak, or rule that out. Keep you posted.
  3. Frosty- I really appreciate all your suggestions you are posting. I will look into both of the suggestions that you have posted above. I will also try to get my GoPro out and film a bit while driving so folks can hear the actual noise and how it sounds while I am driving. I will keep you posted as to what I find out as I keep trying to locate and fix this "tick."
  4. I spent the day today replacing all 6 injectors on the car with new ones. Took most of the day as this was the first time I have popped the upper intake manifold off and checked out the injectors and fuel rails. Learned a lot about how to do it and feel that I could now do this in about half the time. Anyway, replaced the injectors and the car still makes the ticking noise. I am not arguing that it could be piston slap, but from what I understand and what I have been told is that if it were piston slap, it would get a bit more quiet as the engine warmed up, however with my issue, the noise is very queit when I start the car but gets louder as the engine warms up. Replacing the fuel filter is a small job and since I have put in all this work already, what is a little more? May also look into replacing the exhaust manifold gaskets as well, just to rule out that possibility. The car is still under the factory 5 year 100,000 drive train warranty and since this is an engine issue, I may end up taking it down to the dealership and see what they have to say. Right now, I am feeling really defeated as I put a lot of hope into it being the injectors. But, I learned a lot about taking the upper part of the engine apart and you cant really be mad when you learn something useful that may help you out down the road. I am going to take a few days to relax, lick my wounds and come up with plan C. As I make progress, I will keep you updated. Who knows, maybe Ill figure it out and this journey will help someone else fix the same issue, if they have it, without spending as much time and money as I have/am.
  5. Spent some time today listening to the motor with a diagnostic stethoscope. Once I put it on the fuel rail you could really hear the ticking a lot more than on any other part of the motor. Did some quick searches online with my dad and found out that many other folks are having the same issue and most of them all point to the injectors being the culprit. I am going to focus on the rail and injectors for now and see where that takes me. Ill keep you all posted.
  6. Greetings, Over the past two months, my car has been making this "ticking" noise. 06joegt from G6performance had posted a similar thread and included this video that he shot of his motor making the same noise: I took my car into my mechanic and had him check it out. He said right off the bat, that it sounded like it could be the lifters. He spoke with a machinist friend and a few other wrench heads and they all agreed that it sounded like the lifters. However, they also all agreed that my car should not be making that noise with the amount of miles I had on it (73k) and that I keep up with my oil changes per the onboard computer. He told me that replacing the lifters would be a gamble because he couldn't say that they were the problem 100%. I decided to roll the dice and change out the lifters. Unfortunately, that gamble did not pay off as the ticking noise is still there. My mechanic said that he could start tearing the motor down and testing everything to find out what the problem is, but that it would be pretty expensive to do. He said if I were going to tear the motor down to find out the problem, I might as well just buy a new motor and do a swap for the amount of time and money it would cost me to have someone do it. I told him I would take some time to think things over and investigate a bit more before making any decision as to what I do next. A couple weeks back, I did my scheduled oil change, but went with 5w30 Synthetic, which was suggested by someone who had the same ticking noise in their car. They found that if they used non-synthetic oil in their car, the engine made the ticking noise. As soon as they put in Synthetic, it stopped. I figured what the hell and gave it a shot. Unfortunately, new lifters and synthetic oil mad no difference. It is not better or worse, it is just still there. The ticking started off pretty quiet and I only really noticed it when I was driving with the windows down and could hear the motor noise echo/bounce off something like a car next to me or wall, etc. Early on if I had the car in park and just idling, the ticking sound was very quiet. Over time, it grew louder and more noticeable at idle. If I rev the motor up, you can hear the ticking and it ticks faster as the RPMS go up and slower when it goes down. From a standstill, if I put the car in drive and get up to 35mph and give it constant gas to keep the speed, you can hear it tick. If I accelerate, you dont hear the ticking noise much until I let off the gas enough to keep a constant speed and the ticking becomes constant with the motor. I can feather the gas a tiny bit over or under a constant speed and the ticking disappears. But as soon as I hit a constant speed or let off the gas completely, the ticking comes right back. If I accelerate and then let off the gas completely, the ticking noise speeds down with the motor. There are no noticeable performance differences to the car. The car does not backfire, stutter, there is no lack of power or anything negative performance wise from the day I bought it to now. It just seems to be making this ticking sound that is driving me crazy. I don't know what to do at this point. My dad and I are going to spend next weekend looking at the car to see if we can find anythign that the mechanic might have missed (my dad has been building hot rods, working on cars and racing them since he was 12). But as this is a new motor with all the electronics and other shit in the way, we may not be able to find out much ourselves. I am all ears for any ideas outside of lifters and oil as those two avenues have been tried and failed. Does anyone have any ideas, theories, ghost stories, etc? Any help at this point is appreciated. I'm getting so damn annoyed with this ticking that I am starting to talk myself into buying a motor and just swapping the damn ticker out for one that does not tick.
  7. At least that is an interested maybe.
  8. Greetings all West Coasters! Does anyone know of any upcoming meets or is there any interest in putting one together in the next few weeks/months? The last one I was at was last year in October when we rolled out to SoCal. I had a good time at that one and would love to try and get something going again soon. Post up if you are interested.
  9. G6P Polls show 3 for Sac, 2 for Fresno and 3 for Santa Monica. There are 2 votes for April 2nd, 3 votes for April 16th, and 3 votes for April 30th. Going by the combined poll number from here and G6P, it looks like Santa Monica on the 16th would be the winner with the most votes if the meetup were to be decided by just the poll.
  10. April 16th weekend at either Santa Monica or Sacramento...so say the poll's anyway. We need a tie breaker shoot out like in hockey to decide where we are going! /grabs his stick and gloves.
  11. I think I will take it down and have them check the alignment and roatate the tires at the same time in two weeks. Ill follow up here and let you guys know what happens. And yes, I have hit a pothole or two, not on purpose of course, since lowering the car and having the alignment done.
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