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Cars I see at work


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I work at a Jeep chry Dodge & Ram dealer selling cars and see all kinds of cool cars from time to time. There is so many I never think till its too lat to take pics of. There is some other ones I'll take pics of next time im at work and i'll update the thread as I come across other stuff too.

1968 Pontiac Tempest 400 coupe









Saturn/Opel Astra



2011 jeep Wrangler COD black ops


1969 Buick Riviera GS




Big ass Caddy





2010 Dodge Challenger Mopar 10 (only 500 made)






ford model A


Alfa Romeo


Jeep Wageneer




2006 Pontiac G6 GT coupe

oops how did you get in there? so what if its mine I saw it at work lol


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Yea I know lol its got like 80K on it and you would think by looking at it its got 10K on it. 100% original and mint condition. I want to say its like an 1984 but im not sure and yes cool in its own way.

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Those Challengers are teh secks.


AND a Daytona? Zing. I perfer these over it's Superbird sibling.


Dude, that is one mint XJ Wagoneer, very hard to find. As hard to find as the one year 1993 ZJ Wagoneer. However, those whitewall tires, mean street tires. And that's a damn sin on a Jeep. I mean...come on...Jeep, with STREET tires? Tell the owner to grow some balls.


An Alfa Romeo 164!!! For some twisted reason, I absolutely dig these.


And teh classics you found:





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The white wall are what came stock on the Wagoneers :badGT: The challengers my bosses #101 of 500 made. its a RT with no Dodge logos on the car instead Mopar logos. Also it has evey Mopar pefromance mod you can get from Mopar but installed at the factory. Specal stripes&paint job diff steering wheel and diff int treatment black wheels ect ect ect. the Caddy was so friggen big and sexy. the Buick was such a rare car to see and the Pontiac is just such an iconic bad ass ride. The Daytona was spotless and the Alfa is one of the techs cars and kinda cool but a strange looking int. He also has a Fiat too but I dont have pics of that. There is more to come when I go to work thursday i'll take some more pics. One of the kids at work has a pontiac GTX GA and there is a charger youll just wont believe till you see the pics. All Ill say is 700+hp blown :bowdown: We also got in a Regal turbo last week i'll get pics of that if we still have it. So sexy but not as beffy as I thought it would be but still would get one. Anyone notice that someone rebadged a Saturn Astra back to an Ople Astra ???? I cant get over knowone saying anything about the Ford Model A the car is an icon in atomotive history. The car is 100% origanial and in darn good shape!!!

more pics to come.

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I work at a Jeep chry Dodge & Ram dealer selling cars and see all kinds of cool cars from time to time.

thats cool, my wife an area sales manager for Chrysler for some parts in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois :badGT:

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  • Founders

Awesome pics!!! :willy_nilly:

That Tempest is awesome, I love that color on classics!

:lol2: at the COD black ops Jeep. Was it sold there or just brought in for service?

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  • Founders

Wow!! I'm really surprised on that! Definitely thought those things were just going to rot at the dealership for all time :lol2: I love call of duty but not enough to pay a bunch more money for a wrangler lol

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  • 2 months later...

1979 cadillac eldorado biarritz (I love this car)

top of the line in its day.

stainless-steel roof




Heavily modded Charger str8!!!!!

This this has everything under the sun done to it and done right!

full custom suspansion & welded body/frame supports (I wish I took a pic of the underside of the car when it was on the lift.)

procharged and rebuilt motor


powdercoated rims.

and on and on and amazing job done on this car its pushing 750HP

just too much stuff to list.





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I could of taken 30 pics and still would of left stuff out. This thing has crazy time & money put into it. The underside was amazing!!! Since its unibody it had all the frame suports added and welded ect ect. then the motor holly hell!

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Such wonderful vehicles in this world... and they all stop by your dealership. :dancingpontiac: Thanks for sharing !

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