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I got a good end-of-the-season deal on a set of 18" Metal FX M40 rims with tires for my 01 GTP. They were on a stratus sedan so there isnt enough tire profile, but since its winter I can save up and buy new tires in the spring when I put them on my car. The problem I'm having is the centercap of one of the rims is gone. Metal FX discontinued the rim. I've tried my local custom shop, nothing. I've called Metal Fx, nothing. I've even tried WheelCapKing.com to see if they could find me a new cap, nothing! If worst comes to worst I guess I could get blank chrome disks and put them in the center of the wheels. If anyone knows where I could get a new centercap or suggestions please help. Thanks. 87

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I'd hate to say it, but finding a centercap on a discontinued rim...you're SOL. Your best bet is probably custom made replicas. Since you're only missing one, find a metal shop that specializes in custom metal fabrication, and give them an existing cap to use as a guide piece.

As for the wheels themselves...you sure they'll fit? The GP uses a 5x115 bolt pattern, versus the 5x110 the Chrysler is (more than likely). To boot, you'll need a 245/45 R18 tire if the bolt pattern is the same.

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Sorry I forgot to add some info. They are universal fit, with 2 different bolt patterns. I've already had them on the car with the tires they came with. The tires are Nanking 235/40R18 and are directionals. The tires are loud and one tire has a bad belt. Its okay though because I'm going to get a new set of 245/45R18 tires. The original caps are plastic. Bet the guy cracked the missing one tightening it. So maybe getting a plastic chrome disk, actually 4 because they should all match, will be much cheaper than metal ones?

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if you do decide on getting someone to make you some custom ones, get them in metal and if possible, put "Pontiac" on them. :D or the :) on it.

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Here are pics of the rims when on the car. Drove with them on there for 3 days without any problems, other than the tires. Definitely need 245/45R18 tires. Didn't use any rings, they just bolted right on.



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Yea, I need to clean up the brakes. As I'm typing this I just found a matching set in indy!!! Guy has 5 rims and an extra cap! Ok, cap issue is done, now to the issue that I didn't even know I had. So my bolt pattern on my car is 5x115. If the rim is 5x114.3, could it still fit on the car? Because I just bolted the rims on the car and drove with no problems. If it is a problem then I'm definitely getting hub rings. (I know, Noob question)

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Well then it's a good thing there was a bad belt or I would have driven with the rims on for longer. Since I have another 4-6 months (you never know in NY) till its nice weather again, I'll be getting some hub rings and a set of good tires. Thanks a lot!

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  • 2 months later...

Instead of making a new thread, I'll just use my old one. Well I'm back. My rims are all set, they all have centercaps now. Now I'm looking for tires for the 18s. I need help looking for tires because I don't know what I'm looking for. My stock Grand Prix GTP tires are 225/60R16. I used the rim size converter and I've been advised to go with 245/45R18 tires. I don't want directional tires. I don't want the tires to make a lot of noise. Also I'm not going to be going 150mph so I don't need a high speed rating. I want the tires to last at least 5-7 years since I only have them on in the summer. Keep in mind I probably only drive 2000 miles in a year. I'm only going to have the rims/tires on my car from around late April to around early November. I've heard Michelin has good tires. I'd rather not spend $1000 bucks on tires. I'm looking for tires on tire rack. So theres the checklist:

under $1k


life expectancy of around 5 years or more



no need for high speed rating


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