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gm was un-Australian and treated dealers with disrespect when Holden closed


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Interesting article from the Guardian. I'm interested in what Fitzy and Kiwi have to say about this.



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I JustA bout completely agree with What Fitzy has said.

Here in nz i noticed over ten years ago the holden dealerships where diversifying into other brands as they must have clearly seen the writing on the wall from a brand that didn't cater for all the wants and needs of the motorists! Holden didn't have a van, a suv or a 4x4 10-15 years ago 

All they really had that sold was the commodore !  

 i dont agree with fitzy comment about practical ... i had my first holden at age 16, it was a fe model with 161 ci straight six and 3 on the tree. i rebuilt it my self and from there on in, i had a love for this ozzy car, i had 2 x vn, ( one was a ss)  vr- ss, vs-ss, vt senator  commodore's and finally my gto monaro, think that's your guys r8, with its super tricked ls2 ( see it in my garage) was a very cool car. Practical hell yeah!  quality built..... hmmmm not so, bits fell off, things worn out to quick, diffs where weak, the first ls1 had issues with engine oil consumption. but hay fords where no better. 

yeah ok you could go buy a nice jap 4x4 with all the bells and whistle's, but did it sound like or go like a 304 injected holden engine??? hell no. as seen at Bathurst :cheers:

And dont forget the 1 million plus "hq holdens that where made and i have a green one in my garage that i will never sell as its justA way to cool and its a ute, just like justA6 street !!! hahaha

yes gm did what they did, but the market shifted, gm didnt.

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9 hours ago, Fitzy said:

and the piece de resistance: vacuum operated wipers!

yeah i forgot about the vacuum wipers!! my fe had them and where useless, 

my fe had a 161 out of a eh or ej, not sure, and i had it rebuilt by my uncle, it went really well and i remember racing a ht monaro with a 186 back in the day and while i didnt beat him, i didnt get walked over too !

i do remember smashing second cog in the gear box, and finding a spare at the dump and rebuilding it myself... ( rebuild meaning) i pulled the broken lay shaft out and dropping all the ball bearings, then spending the next 2 hours finding all the balls and repacking them back into the shaft...it worked so i was happy..

i also remember my first experience with window glass in that car... the track had come off the bottom of the glass so in my non wisdom way i put the glass in the vise so i could fit the channel back on it, only to find that glass doesnt like vises!!! 

boy did i learn quick!! hahaha.

On this fe holden i did all the body prep myself, my dad primed it with what he had and when it came time to paint it he had arranged for me to take it too his mates paint shop... i remember it rained all the way there and once i got to the paint shop, the guy told me to bring it in and wipe it down, air it off and he painted it there and then.... funny enough the paint job came out ok!  

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