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2000 Grand Am GT 5 cylinder

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here is a car i just recently got. the car had a bad LIM leak after replacing it found out it was not just the LIM it was also a head gasket no compretion on cyl 6 and a nasty rod knock









not bad for $500 eh? and a clear title lol only rust is on the trucnk lid, hood, and passenger rear wheel well. the front is a bit messed up the hood is over to the passenger side by an inch and the front bumper cover is torn and helt to gether with staples does not look that bad in pics though.

has the 8 speaker casset monsoon system with the factory sub and amp and a sun roof

going to put in a junk yard engine and beater the car and keep miles off my 92 LeBaron convertible

woo been a wile sense i last posted hear i no longer have the 01 it cought fire and i sold it currently has a full L67 swap

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Wow in the pics it looks really good! That's really not bad for $500 you could probably part it after your done using it as beater and get some money back.

The front bumper is held on with staples? :agreed:

Whats the LeBaron look like? aka pics of that car too please! :PICS:

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Ahhh, so this is what your GA looks like. I kept seeing you talk about the 5 cylinder mod on it, over on 60degreeV6. :agreed:

You gonna leave the outside as is? IMO, I'd nab some new headlights, debadge and clean up the outside to have a clean beater at least.

Also, welcome to the black GA crew, brah!

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i want to change out the head lights at least. the pass side one is busted and sunk in

besides the front hood and trunk lid it's rust free. so if i can find a cheap trunk and bumper i may go a bit farther with it in the looks department

the bumper is also torn i will try to get better pics of the cosmetic issues tomarrow

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glad i made ya luagh lol

here are some new pics


here is the bumper damage


here is more bumper damage look by the hood latch. also i am missing some push pins may be why the bumper is sagging as much as it is


here you can see the head light pushed in. the paint is not that bad as you can see my van in the reflection pretty trippy man :lol2:


compairison pic factory fender lays flat


aftermarket fender is bowed. seems i have to get out my persition calibrated 2x4 and hammer to have it fit correctly

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if i do i will make a part out thread. but it drive straight just need to see what's going on under the sheet metal

here is a vid i made for the previuse owner befire i bought it

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could some one move this to the progression section plz?

i would of put this there first if i would of realised it was there lol

here are some more pics of the remote mounted cassette which i hear is actualy uncommom to see



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yes it is

registered the car used the plate from my old GP


seemed fitting

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yup my 2001 GP was always having issues so it was sort of a running gag in my local club so i finaly got the plate for it.... then it cought on fire

here is some vids of the old girl

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a guy from the local club bought the body though and put in a full L67 swap from his rotted out 97 GP

he is currently building an engine from the parts i had should be making 300+ wheel power when done

i take back the rock salt wieght reduction... the car is solid besides the trunk and hood... vary odd it only rusted in those areas

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well got some money ($3300 worth)

so picked up a used 3400 with 62,143 miles on it for $400 and power steering pump for $89

and i bought a mod front and rear STB for $73 on ebay (got the one for the 03-05 figured better resale as they fit 99-02 as well)

Car $500

Engine $400

PS pump $89

STB front/ rear $73


total $1062

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3400 in back of van




car should be up and going in a week or so depends on how long the college takes

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it still is after the guy that got it put in the engine wiring harness and a L67 he had sitting around

he is rebuilding the supercharged L36 should be bad ass when done. made 261 to the wheels before should be 300 when it's done

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