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  1. surprise i wasn't nominated i have been here for ever and still have less then 100 posts lol
  2. it still is after the guy that got it put in the engine wiring harness and a L67 he had sitting around he is rebuilding the supercharged L36 should be bad ass when done. made 261 to the wheels before should be 300 when it's done
  3. what does the top one say on the back? can't make it out
  4. the 60*v6 in genral sound pretty smooth
  5. 3400 in back of van car should be up and going in a week or so depends on how long the college takes
  6. well got some money ($3300 worth) so picked up a used 3400 with 62,143 miles on it for $400 and power steering pump for $89 and i bought a mod front and rear STB for $73 on ebay (got the one for the 03-05 figured better resale as they fit 99-02 as well) Car $500 Engine $400 PS pump $89 STB front/ rear $73 ------------------------ total $1062
  7. a grand am would rip a part from the awsome that is the LSx. it can not contain it
  8. ehh the tech in me can not get past the unsafeness event hough that amount does look good and if it was a show car no problem but for a DD ehhh i could never say go for it
  9. snoopy seems to have become my mascot lol i have used him on every forum sence i got the red lebaron
  10. the ballooning side wall is there to help dampen small bumps in the road with out it the ride will be vary rough/ harsh to the point of feeling like it has no suspention i would not recamend it for a daily driver or for a long drive i am also an auto tech and from my stand point no matter how it looks it is unsafe the tire bead was not designed for that kind of force being put on it. it was designed to have it fully seat agianst the rim lip. i have seen the aftermath of even a small streach leaking air and being towed into the shop where we put the correct fitting tires on the car
  11. rear discs? wounder if they would swap on to a 03
  12. many glorieus LOLz where had i even registered haha
  13. this is why i am glad i work at a dealer no FORDing old ass riced out cars lol also customers are nto allowed in the shop at all ever edit: hey now the censor is funny seeing as i am a ford tech hahaha
  14. my avy surprisingly enough is my costume lol WWI fighter pilot i am goignt o put a german cross using electrical tape on the Baron and kill slashes on the fron fenders lol
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