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My Stage II 455 Buick/TH400/9" Ford axle BMW

Mr. Wizard

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This is My 1988 BMW 327A 2dr Sport Sedan, original equipment was a Bosh Jetronic 205bhp aluminum Head iron Block 4spd OD Automatic 3.72-1 Positive traction Independent Suspension Rear drive axle.

The Car came equipped with all available options except Tilt/Telescope Steering, and Heated /Power front seats. ALL but The anti-Loc and power assist for the brakes, the fuel Injection, 4spd OD Trans and Independent suspension rear axle remain.

But for some Intricate welding and bending of the 8 Point 1.5" Round tube 4130 Chrome Molly Roll cage and sub-frame connectors, narrowing of the 9" Ford axle w/ 12" Wilwood Disc brakes, The Coan TH400 full manual reverse pattern Trans, Custom 9'"Hub Balloon Plated Tq Converter, The car Is completely HOME BUILT, INCLUDING THE ENGINE, axle assembly, drive shaft, cooling system, Fuel System and Ignition system.

The axle is suspended on a Mopar Direct Connection/Mancini Racing/Southside Machine Super Stock Leaf spring, adjustable pro-preload link(vs adjustable Pinion snubber) System for an A-Body Hemi 4 speed Factory Super Stock 104" wheel base car, i crafted it to fit the BMW w/STOCK wheel Tubs and stock 56" Track, keeping THE REAR SEAT.

The Axle is a 56" Track Custom narrowed from a 1984 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Dualie  3/4 Ton Truck, with 12" Wilwood Disc brakes, Ford  Traction Lock Posi Carrier, Richmond 3.50-1 Gear set, Moser 31 Spline axles.

The Trans Is is a Coan 2.38-1 1st, 1-1 3rd Full manual Reverse shift Pattern TH400 w/o Trans Brake.

The Engine is a Home Built 1x4V Stage II 455 Buick(factory Stage II 400 and 455 Buick engines came with an inline Aluminum 2x4v Intake, 2 500 cfm Q-jets for the 400" and 2 600cfm Q-jets for the 455). I used a 1973 Nodular Iron Stock Crank and stock 455 Buick  Forged Steel Rods(the last year for the Nodular Iron Cranks). I used a 1974 Stage I 455 Buick Block(the Stage II 455 Buicks were 70-72 Only, the Stage II 400's were 67-69, the 401's were 65-66, the 425" were 63-66, and ONLY for The Riviera, all Other Stage II engines were SKYLARK GSX factory Installed, or u had the Intake, Carbs, Headers(all Stage II 400 and 455 Buicks came with Custom tubular Headers and a 2.5" exhaust system whether they were dealer/owner or factory installed), Heads, Transistorized Ign. Dist, Carb Linkage packaged in light oil and Visqueen plastic in the trunk and could be an Option(the 455's) on ANY BUICK MODEL in coupe,  2dr post or Convertible, Including The  Wildcat GS, Electra 225 GS, or a base model Skylark GS). I used the 1974 Stage I Heads, (73 was the 1st year for the hardened valve seats for low and unleaded gasoline Use) the Major Diff tween tween Stage I and Stage II Heads is the radius' of the runners and the exhaust port configuration, the Radius' can be duplicated in the Stage I Heads, diff being the Stage I heads have 2.12" Intake and 1.68" exhaust valves, the Stage II head have 1.71 Exhaust Valves Like the Ram Air IV Pontiac, which uses a 2.11" Intake valve( since July 15, 1920 ALL  Pontiac, Chevrolet and Buick Engines are PONTIAC DESIGN DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, with Buick, THE  Parent, Founding and ONLY INCORPORATED Division Of what u call GM, doing their own Machining, assembly and installation of theirs, BUICK is Pontiac's BIG BLOCK, Chevrolet is its Small Block, its why in Production ONLY BUICK, OLDS and PONTIAC reached 455", ONLY Cadillac exceeded 455", while Chevrolet Never exceeded 454") all others are INCORPORATED UNDER BUICK, and since July 1, 1909 what u call GM is actually Incorporated as BUICK General Motors Inc., GMC is THE CORPORATE FISCAL and Controlling Production Scheduling Division of Buick, NOT The Corporation,  THAT, GMC,  did not come until July 1, 1936, when THE TRUCK DIVISION of PONTIAC became a CORPORATE PRODUCTION and ASSEMBLY DIVISION separate from PONTIAC, its why the ONLY more OPTION as STOCK Truck from GM than THE GMC is one that wears a BUICK or Cadillac Badge. GM as its called is a CREATION of BUICK, OLDSMOBILE and PONTIAC(Pontiac began as OAKLAND MOTOR CARRIAGE COMPANY in PONTIAC MICHIGAN's section u know NOW as AUBURN HILLS, as PONTIAC it began In The Section of Pontiac known now as Milford /Drayton Plains July 1, 1920, as Chevrolet in Flint Michigan July 1, 1920, and GMC became GMC July 1, 1936, The PONTIAC and GMC Facilities were dedicated Ground Up AUTOMATED Facilities, that Opened  July 1, 1923, while the Chevrolet Division Began Production July 15, 1920 in an existing BUICK PLANT on South Saginaw Street in Flint Michigan Automated by Lois and Franklin Chevrolet, which is why ITS CALLED CHEVROLET, The 1st CEO(Chief Engineering Officer)/CFO(Chief Financial Officer of BUICK MOTOR DIVISION after David Dunbar Buick which is who its named for in 1902, was Walter Pearl Chrysler 1909-1929, Followed By Charles Kettering in 1930 who founded in Dayton Ohio, Dayton Remy Electric Company and produce the 1st VIABLE production automotive electric Starter on the Planet, 25% of which he sold to Henry Clay Ford in respect for his friends and former Theory Students @ MIT The Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers who automatic the 1st automated auto production/assembly in Dearborn Michigan, Ford's River Rouge Complex which is yet in Operation 1904-present.

Much of the most previous Paragraph may well seem OUT OF CONTEXT but in fact its ALL RELATIVE CONTEXT since but that YOU KNOW THE NATURE and HISTORY OF THE BEAT u seek to Modify for better performance than factory delivered, if u achieve same YOU DID NOT KNOW what u were doing, YOU GOT LUCKY cause u followed the template of someone who DID, and even then u did not KNOW what u were doing, YOU ONLY THOUGHT YOU DID, which was the case for ME From July 4, 1963- September 8, 1988 when I began My Master Degree Program @ GMI/Kettering International University in Flint Michigan where i have Lived since October 4, 1982, I completed my course of study 6 years+ later on 12/21/1994, matter of fact, it was not until January 1974 before i began to WIN more drag races than TIE and Loose combined.

I neither Know it all, nor do i want to, and never did or thought i did, it is why I have always been NOSY about anything that attracts the attention of any of my 5 common senses, its cause i have yet to believe i know enough about what i want to know, which accounts for my vast knowledge and experience, as well as education in the field of Auto crafting for performance beyond factory delivered, I am VERY GOOD at that, but i am NOT the best and i have yet to ever believe i am, what I KNOW better than anyone, is WHAT I KNOW, a situation i do not believe makes me capable of KNOWING more than anyone can, nor does the fact that I KNOW MORE than many, mean that i know as MUCH, let alone more than anyone else will in this area or any other for that matter.

I have ALWAYS BEEN a BOP&C fanADDICT, Oldsmobile(the producer in concert with BUICK of Cadillac) is MY favorite CAR, BUICK is MY FAVORITE engines for HOT ROD MOTIVATIONS, My most prolific outings for performance endeavors have been PONTIAC, Followed by CHRYSLER, reason being THESE offer my best overall blend of what i love about the power curve character of BUICK and Olds, PONTIAC more akin to BUICK cause a BUICK is a PONTIAC, Chrysler More Akin to Olds since it is Walter Pearl Chrysler, David Dunbar Buick, Ransom Olds and Zora Arkus Duntov who CREATED PONTIAC/Chevrolet out of Oakland Motor Carriage Company.

My engine in the Car is 9.25-1 vs the stock Stage II 10.25-1, i use a single 1050 Cfm Dominator vs 2 600 Cfm(1200) Carbs, to split the difference between the total 1000 cfm and 1200 cfm of the 400 and 455 Stage II, since the exhaust ports on my stage I heads are MORE RESTRICTIVE than those of Stage II Heads, same reason i use the stock 2.12" Intake and 1.68" Exhaust valves, I PORTED the heads, Including the Bowls and exhaust ports to match the radius' of the Stage II Heads which are 78-82CC 70-72 while mine are 112CC which i matched at 114CC after shaving .010 off the deck of the heads, But i used the 390hp 10.25-1 compression height pistons from the 70 Stage II 455 to achieve the 9.25-1 Mechanical Compression.

The Camshaft is a Hydraulic Poston 305 H reground to my specks on the LIFTS, .517 In. x .523 Ex.  by T/A Buick Performance of Scottsdale AZ with 1.65-1 T/A-Harlan Sharpe Roller Rockers vs the stock 1.5-1 stamped steel shaft mounted system(HARLAN SHARPE is the PRODUCER of T/A Roller Rocker Systems, Lunati Cams Is their Camshaft Producer,  and their After Market Blocks in Aluminum are based on the IRON 605" Limit Bulldogg Engineering( in fact i originally had BUILT for the car a 573" Bulldogg Iron Block-T/A Aluminum Stage II Heads in their Stage III Configuration, for the Intake and carb i have on the engine in the pictures but with my engine builder's 1.6 -1 Rocker system, ended up selling the engine less my Intake, Carb and dist at a 4450.00 loss which gave me the funds to build 1 set of Heads as well as 9.5-1 Stock bore n stroke Block with ARP Fasteners, and a 10.2-1 .030 over bore Girdled main web 464" 455 Short Block, the one in the car now is the 455, it remains until the car is completely sorted and debugged, while all other than the short blocks and camshaft is common to both engines(the 464 uses a T/A .588/.604 Solid Flat Tappet, My Trans Am uses a Comp Cams .587/.594 Solid Flat Tappet an it is BY me massaged from its stock 7.9-1 to 8.15-1 Mechanical Compression.

The Last 4 pics are my 1977 390hp/435lbft 455 H.O. 4 Spd WS6S Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am and the award it won for 1st place in the October 2015 POTM @ Pontiac's on-line, and my 2008 6 liter 400bhp Pontiac G8 GT Sport Sedan daily Driver stable mate for  the Trans Am, i have owned the Trans Am as its 2cn only owner since May 2000, soon to be 19 years...










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it is in for the 2nd time right now, the 1st time was when i first took THAT one out of a 74 Electra 225 Estate Woody Wagon, trans exhaust MANIFOLDS AND All just to be sure i had not miscalculated on it fitting, before i ever did anything else with the car, while i was building a BULLDOGG ENGINEERING 573" Stage II 455 Buick with T/A Stage II aluminum heads ion STAGE III form(they come stage II III and IV but the latter has 2.19 Intakes and offset 1.81 exhaust valves that take a special offset shaft mount rocker system that ONLY come in 1.65-1 ratio, which i did not mind but a regular shaft mount set costs a tad under 435 while the set for the stage IV set up is over 1000, as well THE Stage II exhaust headers will not fit a STAGE I or vice versa, diff is like that TWEEN A RAM air IV And Ram Air V Pontiac heads...

Just sat the completed engine in the engine picture back into the car, finishing up the engine and trans mounts and the drive shaft safety loops, not in any rush i have the Trans Am 455 H.O. 4 spd Manual Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am, which is what the so called SMOKEY and THE BANDIT EDITIONS ARE, as well as the 79 Silver Anniversary models, they are all HURST TRANS AMS Produced 1/10/74-6/30/79(i replaced the 4spd Borg Warner Super T-10 trans with a Tremec TKO600lb/ft rate 5 spd SROD w/2.72-1 1st 1-1 4th and .64 OD and long ago replaced the stock 3.42-1 with a 3.08-1 rear gear, as well 9 have a 2008 G8 GT 6 liter 400hp 5spd OD Automatic speed auto OD) The Top engine Option for the HURST TRANS AM was the engine in my car 290hp@5200rpm/435lbft@3600rpm 7.5 Liter 
(455") Pontiac engine code 7.5L 75 Upnt as u can see in the next to last pic of its Build Trim Plate which matches the last pic of its Vin Plate, which makes a LIE out of all those folk who claim no 455's after the 76 Model Year ended June 30, 1976, but in fact the 396-454 in a passenger car ended June 30, 1974, first year of a phase out of all above 350" engines in GM PASSENGER CARS, June 30 1975 was the end of the BIG BLOCK 400 Olds and Buick, June 30, 76 ended the 455 Buick, June 30 1977 ended the 455 Olds but the 400 and 455 Pontiacs did not end till June 30, 1979 from July 15, 1969, what folk took production model years to mean was production YEAR, but the GM Production MODEL is 10 years, July 15, or the 9th year of the decades till June 30 of the 9 year of the next, as a GRADUATE w/ a Master Mechanical Engineering Applicant/Mechanical Engineering Degree fall cum lauded 12/21/94 from GMI/Kettering International University im able to dispel a BEVY of misnomers, misconceptions and FLAT OUT BALD FACE LIES about GM production 1st of all the fact that the name of thew Corporation since July 1, 1909 is BUICK General Motors INC. WHICH IT HAS TO BE SINCE Buick IS THE Parent founding and ONLY INCORPORATED DIVISION itself founded in 1902 by David Dunbar Buick, Charles Stewart Whiting and William Henry Fischer on the banks of the Flint River Here in FLINT MICHIGAN, incorporated in July 1908 as BUICK INC. re-incorporated the next Year in 1909 as BUICK GENERAL MOTORS INC when they acquired a previous contractor of production parts from BUICK, The Ransom Olds and Sons Motor Carriage Company and contracted another The Oakland Motor Carriage Company which became PONTIAC/Chevrolet Motor Division July 1, 1920, and since that date ALL PONTIAC, Chevrolet and BUICK engines are a design AND PRODUCTION of PONTIAC MOTOR DIVISION, difference being the BUICK SPECIFICS are machined, assembled and installed by BUICK themselves, while Pontiac has Production, machining assembly and installation of the other two, same AS SINCE July 15, 1926 Cadillac IS A joint production AND assembly OF Buick AND Oldsmobile, 60/40 PRODUCTION FOR OLDS, 60/40 assembly for BUICK, at which point The entry level Olds made by Pontiac eventually BECAME the Pontiac Star Chief, while that they produced for entry Level Buick became eventually The Pontiac Bonneville, Olds became its own entry level., while Cadillac became flagship luxury production of the Corp, which is why LIKE the BUICK V8 the cad v8 tho an Olds Had its distributor in the front of the engine...the difference in appearances of each specific engine is simply a matter of DIVISION RECOGNITION so that a customer did not open their hood and see what was obviously an engine from another DIVISION which would have made CHEVROLET, the entry level div for the Corporation OUTSELL IT UPSCALE DIVISION if its engine was obviously a PONTIAC or BUICK...so please do not try to tell me what my car came with as IF you know better THAN Pontiac, the state of Michigan, myself the owner SINCE 2000, AND MY CAR DO!!!, ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO DID NOT EXIST ON FEBRUARY 15, 1977 WHEN MY CAR CAME OUT OF final assembly, 2/17/77 WHEN IT WAS SHIPPED TO Royal Oak Pontiac, or 2/19/77 when the only other owner of the car besides ME took delivery there.

as for MY BMW it is a construction due to that kind of IGNORANT ARROGANCE about my Trans Am, when the fools could not make my car be and have come with what they claim, they all; began trying to race me head up with caged, tubbed, gutted race fuel fired race cars off trailers and whatnot, SOOOO i built the BMW which has a ROLL CAGE, (8 point 4130 chrome molly steel)a custom built tq converter(9" Hub Balloon plated 3500rpm stall), a Coan TH400)full manual reverse pattern w/o trans brake), 9" Ford axle(custom built 56" Track, 12" Wilwood dual piston caliper DISC BRAKES, MOSER 31 SPLINE AXLES, RICHMOND 3.50-1 gear IN A strange ALUMINUM CENTER SECTION W/ Ford traction lock POSI UNIT) on Mancini/South Side Machine/Mopar Direct Connection Super Stock leaf spring system for a 34-3600 A-Body Hemi 4 spd Super Stocker, but the engines(i have two short blocks the 9-1 455 that is IN THE CAR NOW and a .040 over bore 464" 10-1 short block which both take all other engine parts except camshaft and lifters, the 455 is HYDRAULIC, the 464 is flat tappet Solid....517" x .523" and .594" x .608" both using the same 1.65-1 shaft mount roller Rocker system, same intake and carb, headers, oil pan(custom front sump 10 quart w/filter), timing cover/oil pmp(TA PERF HIGH VOLUME HIGH PRESSURE, and Valve Springs 140 PSI seat pressure Lunati Cams springs retainers and keepers, with a TA 608 S Solid Flat Tappet in the 10-1 464" engine vs a reground Poston 305 H grind flat tappet Hydraulic in the 9-1 455"...

 i have had two other Import and 2 domestic conversions, a 350" SBC/TH350 Toyota Celica GT and a 403" Olds/TH350 Triumph TR 6, a 296" SBF/C4 74 Pinto LX 2 door post, and a 73 Nova Post coupe w/514" 440 Stroker/Tq Flite 727 neither of the 5 counting the BMW TUBBED, tho the 70 Road Runner i took my 514" Stroker 4340 out of was TUBBED but not narrowed...

BEEN BUYING BUILDING/WRENCHING/RACING MY OWN RIDES(cars) since 7/4/63, Motorcycles since 9/11/64 and Pick up trucks since 6/18/65 i spent Sep 88-Dec 94 @GMI plus the interim near 565 years of experiences doing it, the surprise would be if I DID NOT KNOW SO MUCH, not that i do, like the fact that A Chevrolet is the JUNIOR DIVISION OF PONTIAC and the ENTRY LEVEL DIVISION for BUICK General Motors INC, in fact, until 1937 when it became a corporate production division GM TRUCKS were PONTIAC PRODUCTIONS, and since they all use Chevrolet Engines which is a Pontiac production THEY STILL ARE...

Dannie, AKA Dallas, AKA Mr. Wizard, AKA DareDevil






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corrections, my 455 is 9.25-1 the 464 is 10.2-1(the most i recommend for an iron headed engine if u hope to use 87-93 octane unleaded pump gas with a closed exhaust of 3" OD or less).

i have been at this auto crafting for well over 55 years all total from 7/4/63 to 2/2019.

My 1st Pontiac was a 1965 335hp 389 3spd manual bucket seat and console GTO Post Coupe in 1970, i have owned a total of 10 GTO's since then, the 65, a 67, 6 68's, the 67 being TRI-POWER Ram Air III 360, 3 of the 68's were 1x4V Q-jet 360 HP when i got them including a convertible(which i added the TRI-POWER set from a previously owned 65 390hp 421 S.D. 4 Speed Catalina 2+2 Coupe)( i also owned a 67 376HP 428 H.O. Automatic Catalina 2+2 Convertible and a 69 376 HP 428 H.O. 4 Speed Pontiac Grand Prix, a 70 360HP HO455 automatic Grand Prix and a 71 350HP  HO455 4 speed Manual GP)(all 3 GP's were Model SJ Cars loaded) a 69 Ram Air IV 366HP 400 4 speed Manual GTO( gotten with a blown short block locked up out of which i made my own HOME MADE 390HP Mark IV 455 using a 2v 280HP 2 BLT main 455 from a 72 Pontiac Safari  4 door station Wagon(factory Mark IV 455's used the 4 BLT main forged steel Super Duty Rod 455 Block with the top end from the Ram Air IV 400, while the HO455 used a 2blt main forged steel super duty rod 455 block with the Nodular Iron crank blanks from the Mark IV 455, Ram Air IV 400, Ram Air III 389/400, 376&390HP Street 421 S.D.,  428 H.O., 326/350 H.O.,( a 6 throw version was used in the Pontiac 250" SOHC SPRINT 6) the only STEEL CRANK Pontiac engines were the 303" Trans Am SCCA engines on which were developed the Ram Air IV and V heads, the Factory Super Stock 421's, 389/400's and 455's, the only production street Pontiac engine to have a steel crank, 4blt main AND Super Duty Rods as well as a solid lift camshaft was the RAM AIR V 400, while all other Pontiac Production High Perf engines Used Hydraulic Cams and Nodular Iron Cranks, except the Ram Air II 335HP 389/400 which used a cast crank and cast steel rods...

My Favorite ride overall is AN OLDSMOBILE, followed by Cadillac which uses and OLDSMOBILE POWER-TRAIN w/ dist. and oil pmp moved from the rear to the front of the block since 60% of assembly is by BUICK MOTOR DIVISION and Buick always had PONTIAC to place their dist and oil pumps in the front of the engine, same place as the 1st pre Pontiac Buick flat head 4's were which came in 2 sizes, 604" and 622", while the original Pre Pontiac Olds Engines had their dist and oil pumps in the rear and they too cam in two sizes 496" and 515"(the later being the limit for a Production Olds BIG BLOCK 400-455, and Olds has the engine in its Small Block casting that has the widest cube range for a production engine ever produced in the Siamese bore DREC(DIESEL REVISED ENGINE CASTINGS) 260"-544", tho in production they were in 350" and 403" versions in gas and diesel. The 400-455 Buick is Next 366"-543" for a production cast iron V8 Block, Pontiac Production Cast Iron Blocks have a 267-517" range while Chevrolet has a 262-434" for the SBC 366-511 for the BBC, while the Olds Produced Cadillac engines have been V12, V16, 515" and 604" respectively from July 15, 1925- June 30 1947, and  V8 July 15, 1948- present, smallest being 4.1 Liters(251")-8.2 Liters(500") 1st of the V8's were 5.7 Liters(348"), in 68 when Olds upped its Big Block from 425-455" Max the Olds Produced Cad went to 472" for a 47" diff, Olds Has since making V8's maintained all Caddy engines until 1977 to be AT LEAST 45" larger than the Biggest Olds, in 1977 when the cad engine was placed on the Small Block Olds Casting @ 425" the Targets Olds engine became 403 " thru 1969 and came in 307" and 350" versions, the 403 " Versions ended Production June 30, 1984 along with the 350" Olds and Pontiacs as well as Pontiac's Buick 350".

After OLDSMOBILE/Cadillac, before 1970 my next favorite ride was CHRYSLER PRODUCTS, which remains yet my 3rd favorite hot rod engine after Buick and Pontiac.

before 1970 my favorite hot rod engines were BUICK and Chrysler, Chrysler moved to #3 in 1970 when i bought my 1st PONTIAC and discovered their Power Curve Character is closer to that of BUICK while those of Chrysler are closer to that of OLDSMOBILE which stand to reason since THE PONTIAC ENGINE FAMILY, INCLUDING THE Chevrolet are the Brain Childs Of David Dunbar Buick, Zora Arkus Duntov, Ransom Olds Sr. and Walter Pearl Chrysler, who tho he WORKED AT BUICK, favored the OLDSMOBILES smoother power pulse and power delivery which is why a factor Olds/Cad Engine feels as if it is after market balanced, even when they are not, OLDS has always been a PROPONENT of select fitting all moving engine parts to be as close to the same weight as possible, while every other auto maker only uses that technique for select HIGH PERF ENGINES offered in PRODUCTION.

Pontiac is the PRODUCER of the worlds FIRST OHV engines, 1937 the straight 8's they built in 5 versions 267" & 283" for Pontiac,  302", 310" and 327" for Buick, Oldsmobile is the 1st producer of a V series engine, 1926 for the V12 and V16 and 1948 for the V8. Pontiac is the Producer of BOTH ROCKER SYSTEMS for an OHV engine, 1st the Shaft Mount for the straight 8, which they Lost to Olds and Buick in 1947, and the Individual Pedestal Mount system in 1950 for their Pontiac and Chevrolet Specific Engines, Pontiac is the 1st domestic Producer of a PRODUCTION SOHC ENGINE, 1966 250" H.O. Sprint 6, Olds The 1st Producer of an ALL ALUMINUM ENGINE, 1962 215" F-85 Cutlass Supreme, Pontiac for BUICKS the 1st to produce an aluminum head iron block engine, the 231'' Small Block Nail Head Buick Skylark(the rest of the Buicks to receive this small nail head engine were the Buick Special named for the BUICK that WON the 1st Official Indy 500, and the first domestic produced MODIFIED PRODUCTION CAR, modified from a Production BUICK BUG 2 seat 3spd manual 604" I4 Flat head open wheeled Roadster 1910(no fenders covering the wheels because none were needed it had no rumble or back seat for tire spray to spray onto passengers of)which won the precursor to the Indy 500 called "The Brickyard 500", which Henry Clay Ford Sr ordered the Indianapolis City Fathers to NOT SANCTION as the 1st Indy 500 cause the Chevrolet Brothers who were JEWISH were working for HIM at the time BUT won the RACE operating a JEWISH FOUNDER, David Dunbar Buick's PRODUCTION ROADSTER, so for 1911 David Buick, Walter Chrysler, Ransom Olds II, Zora Duntov MODIFIED THE BUICK BUG to accept the 622" I4 Flat Head and 4 speed Manual trans from the FULL SIZED BUICK Town and Country, went back to Indy in 1911 and won the race a full 10mph average over 500 miles than they did thew Brickyard race in 1910 115mph vs 105 mph in 1910.

as i often say, much of this may well seem like its has no context here but unless u KNOW the full context of whatever ur tryna modify for performance from its INCEPTION any gain in performance over as factory delivered u get will be by sheer luck of having followed a template of build from someone who knew more context about ur brand of pref than YOU DO or did, as in THEY KNEW while u only THOUGHT YOU DID because YOU BELIEVED THEM.

any perf improvement ever in production or racing from the factory or the laymen public comes from someone who knows the CONTEXT ENTIRE of all the old such that they can expand and expound on THAT, so in ur car crafting when u call someone OLD SCHOOL, keep in mind your NEW SCHOOL is only POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THE OLD SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE its based in and on, in point of fact new school seldom works BETTER just differently and COSTS MORE, reason being THE LESS U ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY KNOW the more it costs you for ur learning to learn and come to know more, THAT IS HOW i have since January 74, been able to win more than loose and draw drag races combined and more of the folk i beat have more than i do and MORE INVESTED IN IT than i do my rides, simply because what most they need to pay someone to do and build for them to go fast, I ALREADY know and LIKE the BMW here, i can DO THE WORK All myself by myself WITHOUT OVER SIGHT OR SUPERVISION AT HOME IN MY OWN garage WITH ALL MY OWN tools...LIKE U SEE ME DOING HERE, THAT IS my Dad Hanging out watching me build a zero deck 10-1 solid flat tappet 406 SBC for that red and black 92 Chevy  pick up u see in the back ground, the next picture is the finished product.

I have 3 on Facebook and 1 on You Tube performance crafting automotive groups of my own, i join other such as this one for the same reason i have those 4, so that i can GIVE BACK of my knowledge, education and experience to others who are u like interests in automotive perf endeavors as am i since before i ever owned a motor vehicle, when i was 6 i crashed my Dad's New 1955 Olds Super 88 tryna sneak off and learn how to drive, i on think i need to tell anyone WHAT THAT COST A FELLA IN HIDE on my backside, or how much time and money i spent at it before i finished GM with near 90K in OUTSTANDING STUDENT LOANS, the last 23k of which i just paid off in 2013.

Im not here to impress anyone, or prove anything to anyone, since none here can provide me with anything i want and most who could WOULDN'T, nor can any preclude me from getting anything i need or want for that matter, and proof anyone needs about anything at all is proof only they owe themselves, since THEY are the only ones they will ever truly believe and ONLY IF THEY WANT TO THEN.

I am simply sharing KNOWLEDGE of EXPERIENCE that cost me 100's of thousands of dolla IN BLOOD SWEAT tears and MONEY to come by, Leading folk to knowledge is like leading a horse to water, u can leads the horse to water but u can't make them DRINK, u can lead a man to knowledge but u can't make them THINK!!! It is why ur teachers get the same pay whether u learn anything or not, doctors will charge u the same for a prescription and prognosis of recovery whether u use it or not.....

My premise for what i impart into this and my own groups is aptly explained by the last pic....




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