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Dallas’ Firebird

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57 minutes ago, Dallas Foster said:


1977 290bhp@5200rpm/435lbft TQ@3600rpm 455 H.O. 4 speed Manual 3.42-1 8.5" Ring gear positive traction Flame Red Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am..engine code 7.5 Liter 75Upnt

Is that all it's got? LOL! Sweet ride man.

Where in Flint are you? I grew up on the east side and now live in Davison.

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I have owned this car since June 2000, it is always a conversation piece and always in contention of its authenticity, 1st because of the Myth that no 455 came from GM after the 1976 Model Year productions which is a fallacy of myth created by LAYMEN who learned in May 1976 that all above 350" engines in GM passenger cars INCLUDING the Largest, the 455's would be phased out by the end of the PRODUCTION CYCLE, laymen mistakenly conflate a production cycle with a production year, a production YEAR at GM since the beginning of the 1949 model productions on July 15, 1948 has run from July 15 of the year number previous to the model year number and ends June 30 of the model year number while the FISCAL year begins on July 1 of the previous year and ends June 30 of the model year number...for a production CYCLE the Fiscal Year begins July 1 of the 8th year of a decade and the production year begins July 15 after what is called a 2 week change over where the dies and assembly line robots and procedure are changed for the next model year productions, so that by the time the MODEL YEAR NUMBER begins there is sufficient STOCK of all models to last until June 30 of the year of the model year number...and ends on June 30, of the 9th Year of the following decade.

SINCE THIS is such a long standing and deep seated MYTH, believed to be FACT for 42 Years, it takes a LONG EXPLANATION IN FACTS to debunk which MUST INCLUDE THE HISTORY of the CORPORATION KNOWN AS "GM"

THE  1st Name of this corporation founded in 1902  in FLINT MICHIGAN by David Dunbar Buick, Charles Stewart Whiting and William Henry Fisher was The Buick Motor Carriage Company, incorporated in 1908 by William Charles "Billy" Durant Jr. and Dallas Dort Formerly of "Durant Bookkeeping"(PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) in downtown Flint Michigan on South Saginaw Street and the building still stands there today.

In 1909 a Company Founded in 1904 as The Ransom Olds and Sons Motor Carriage Company BY Ransom Olds and Sons, was MERGED BY ACQUISITION, who then CONTRACTED with The Oakland Motor Carriage Company Under leadership of Zora Arkus Duntov Owned By the Oakland County Farm land Conglomerate OAKLAND FAMILY to CREATE was was to be THE ENTRY LEVEL DIVISION producing a entry trim Level CAR and 1/4 Ton Pick up truck for competition with the Ford Motor Company Model A for AUTO and Model T for 1/4 Ton Pick up truck, which came to be known as Chevrolet after the Chevrolet Brothers who AUTOMATED and EXISTING BUICK FACILITY in MIMIC of the Ford River Rouge Production and assembly complex where they and the Dodge Brothers designed and developed the 1st AUTOMATED moving assembly lines for AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTION, The Chevrolet Brothers Most Responsible for that of the MODEL A, while The Dodge Brothers most that of the Model T, since it is HENRY CLAY FORD who Had BUILT and FUNDED the Facility, CREDIT for ALL went to HIM, as was the practice at the time in BUSINESS, the OWNER of same was accredited ALL ASPECTS of the BUSINESS, including PATENTS, TRADE MARKS and BLUE PRINT COPY RIGHTS, when The Chevrolet Brothers were FIRED in 1910 over winning the Indianapolis Brick Yard 500 with a PRODUCTION BUICK BUG 604" 3 speed manual 2 seat open wheeled Roadster, BUICK General Motors Incorporated which remains the NAME ON the documents of INCORPORATION to this very day, HIRED them to do the same thing for Buick GM, they had for FORD, then BUILT the 1st PRODUCTION MODIFIED out of a BUICK BUG  renamed THE BUICK SPECIAL using the 622" 4 cylinder an  4 speed Manual from the FULL SIZED BUICK MOTOR CARRIAGE. THIS to follow the Incorporation Plan of Durant and Dort in order to save the Corporation thru a diversification of PRODUCT LINE, like or not the manner in which they forced out the founders of Buick Oldsmobile and Oakland, had they NOT, what u call GM would have failed and gone out of business no later than 1915 at most, reason being the product line of all 3 were a full sized Car, and an Open wheeled 2 seat Roadster, neither of which their employees could afford to purchase, nor could thew average working Family, it is why at the time FORD was KILLING ALL OTHER DOMESTIC AUTO MAKERS IN SALES, because they made a CAR and Light duty Truck that the average working family and farmer could AFFORD.

With that being said as context...

For the second Gen "PONTIAC" FIREBIRD/ "Chevrolet" Camaro, (BOTH of which are A PONTIAC)based on the Platform of the 1964 Pontiac Banshee Detroit Auto Show Concept Car, which replaced with the 1967 model year productions, what had been called SUB COMPACTS 1962-1963 The BUICK Special who's top trim level was called SKYLARK,(which is the trim Level all Gran Sports are on) The Oldsmobile F-85 who's top Trim Level is called the CUTLASS(which is the trim level all 442's are on) and The Pontiac Tempest who's Top Trim Level is called Lemans(which is the Trim Level that ALL GTO's are on), while the 1962 Chevrolet Chevy II became THE COMPACT, Larger than the to come F-Body, but yet smaller than the INTERMEDIATE sized vehicles that the Special, Tempest and F-85 became as of 1964, with the air cooled CORVAIR to ease the transition TILL then, based on the flat Opposed air cooled engine design of the German Volkswagen, which is why BUICK built its GERMAN GM DIVISION you KNOW as OPEL with a "KADETTE" car and an OPEL GT sportster, but using LIQUID COOLED INLINE engines, the eventual Replacement for the CORVAIR became the "VEGA".

By the end of 1973 THE HANDWRITING was on the wall for LARGE HEAVY pol;ting gas guzzling domestic Vehicles and on 1/1/1974 THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY WAS CREATED, to institute gradual regulations on EMISSIONS and fuel economy, in conjunction with The US DOT a steady increase in REQUIRED SAFETY and CRASHWORTHYNESS, standard by which INSURERS use to decide HOW MUCH TO CHARGE for INSURING VEHICLES along with OTHER FACTORS about the owners and operators, which also grew more stringent year by year.

GM decided that at the end of the 1974 Model Production year they would phase out ALL ABOVE 350" gasoline Engines in Passenger cars, such that all such engines would be so phased out by the end of the then current PRODUCTION CYCLE, beginning June 30, 1973 with the 400 Oldsmobile. June 30, 1974 with the 400 SBC and 402-454 BBC. June 30, 1975 the 400 BUICK. June 30, 1976 the 455 Buick. June 30 1977 The 455 Oldsmobile, and 2 years later on June 30, 1979 the 400 and 455 Pontiac, since PONTIAC got to keep both for 2 years longer than any other division, 1980-1981 model Pontiacs were limited to 350" Pontiacs, while the FIREBIRD was limited to 301" but Camaro returned to its ORIGINAL F-BODY MANDATE in 1967 of 350", having deviated from same for 2 years, 68 and 69 with the RS/SS396 Camaro and Chevy Nova SS for 1969, the nova SS396 to compete with the Dodge D-Dart that Got a 383 Option in 1969 in addition to its 318, up from 273 in 67 and a 340 LA Chrysler Small Block, the LA LINE in 1967 replace the old POLY 318 which was a 392 Hemi Style 2v Only V8 that Had Hemi chambers but not a center chamber position for the spark Plug.

12/31/73 saw the end of production of the 455 S.D. Trim Code for the Trans Am which as of 1/10/74 was replaced by The Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans AM with the top engine option for the trim code being a detuned replacement for the 455 S.D. designated 455 H.O.@ 290hp vs the 74 versions of the 455 S.D. which were rated at 315bhp, vs the 73 models rated at 345bhp. THIS rate remained the rate for the 455 H.O. until it ended production June 30, 1979, to cover this another 455 that began with a 235bhp rate and ended up being a 220 bhp rate in a Formula 455, while the formula 400 got a 185bhp 400 Pontiac, and the Trans Am got both that and a 200bhp 400 H.O., which was added to for the 77-79 models by a 403" 185bhp Oldsmobile.

PLEASE MISS ME with ur claims of my car decoding to a base model Firebird with a V6, NO second Gen F-Body had a V6, not Buick, not Chevrolet, ONLY A V8 was available for either, 307 or 350 for a camaro while the full line of Pontiac V8 for he Firebird.

Please miss me with the claim that the "S" in both my Vin number and build trim plate code means anything OTHER THAN "SPO", which Means SPECIAL PARTS ORDER, while the "T" in the Trim Code plate stands FOR TRANS AM, same as the 2 in Both that begin them is for FEBRUARY 1977. ONLY a TRANS AM, FORMULA 400 or 455 or a CAMARO with T-Tops or some other SPO content has a BUILD TRIM PLATE, TRANS am 2cn Gen because the SMALLEST ENGINE available From July 15, 1968 thru June 30 1979 was 400", and the 455 Pontiac was produced and installed in Pontiac from from July 15, 1969- June 30, 1979.

How I know all this is I BOUGHT MY 1st car 7/4/1963, been buying modifying and drag racing cars for myself and others since, Bought my 1st Motorcycle 9/11/1964 been buying modifying and racing motorcycles for myself and others since; bought my 1st pick up truck June 30 1966 2 week after then end of my Junior year in High school, been buying modifying racing and working Pick up trucks since; Bought My 1st Pontiac October 17 1970 in KILLEEN TEXAS a 65 GTO, and i have owned 9 more since, including a 69 Ram Air IV 400 4 speed and a 71 HO455 4spd BOTH GTO JUDGES, 6 of my GTO were 1968, 1 was 1967, it and 4 of the 68's were Ram Air III 400 including 2 convertibles an automatic and a 4 speed RED and Forrest Green Respectively.

I have owned 3 Grand Prix Model SJ's a 69 428 H.O. 4spd, a 1970 HO455 Automatic and a 1971 HO455 4 spd.

This is my 5th 2nd gen Trans Am, 1971 400 4spd WS6, 1973 400 4spd WS6, 1975 455 4spd WS6, 1977 400 H.O. Auto WS6 Pontiac Firebird Hurst Trans Am, and my current 455 H.O. 4spd WS6S(the added S stand for SPO functional cold air shaker, which is a cable operated version of the vac operated option from the 455 S.D., reason Being a 455 H.O. has a stock 7.9-1 mechanical comp ration which does not have a strong enuff vac signal for POWER BRAKES, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, cruise control, but TOO MUCH TQ for T-TOPS, which is why my car's original and only other owner who Ordered it NEW, it was FINALED 2/15/77 in Mensa/OKC OK from a Body shell produced in LORDSTOWN OHIO, delivered to ROYAL OAK PONTIAC 2/17/1977 where its original Owner and owner of Lapeer Michigan Unfinished Furniture took delivery 2/19/1977.

On 9/7/1988 i entered a Mechanical Engineering Applications/Mechanical Engineering Master Degree Program at the beginning of the FALL semester @ GMI/Kettering University IN Flint Michigan where i have lived since October 4, 1981, and with a 3.27 6 year GPA competed my degree 12/21/1994 then end of the 1994 Fall semester.

I actually do not mind disagreement, or disbelief about my car, nor do i count it as MORE THAN A BLESSING, not an accomplishment or achievement, i count NONE of my life as OTHER than BLESSING. I am a dedicated Friend, BUT NOT FRIENDLY. I do not know how to act, i never have or ever wanted to, since playing is an act I DO NOT PLAY since that is both IRRESPONSIBLE and disingenuous for someone of my Character. I am Not trying to IMPRESS anyone and the only i have ever been concerned of making a friend out of is ME, since for that, it is MY ONLY RESPONSIBILITY. Im not concerned about someone not liking me or being impressed by me or my car, too often I do not like or am impressed by either of us.

I WILL NOT disrespect anyone who does not disrespect ME, since if they do they do not deserve any respect, I AM a MAN, all MAN all the TIME, i have been blessed not to have needed a job since 5/31/91, blessed not to have had one since 5/31/2007, nor wanted 1 since 9/11/2009, I AM already Validated and so is my car, and after 18 years, i have no further tolerance for disrespect of me or my car about MY CAR, nor will i tolerate any without as swift and severe consequence as i can bring to bare, that is NOT a THREAT, IT IS A SOLEMN PROMISE 


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MY apologies for the more than one picture, i did not take not f that before i posted the rest, and thank you for the compliment, i feel like all the rides i have seen on the site are as NICE if not nicer than mine... in Flint Im located at the corner of East Moore Street and Industrial Avenue, 1 block south of Stewart Avenue, across the street from the site of the old Buick City, again i would like to say, YOU FOLK have some absolutely MAGNIFICENT RIDES in MY HUMBLE OPINION....and i humbly thank u for allowing ME among u, i consider it an HONOR!!!

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YEP....He's a Flintstone.  :rofl: After 30+ with Pontiac, in Pontiac.  I mean that with all due respect. :bowdown:    Maybe you can hook up with Frosty on one of his cruise nites in Davison.    We will be attending the Sellers All Pontiac show Sept 23 in Farmington Hills and we usually attend the Golling show in Lk Orion on Sept 15th.  

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thanks Ringo64, again my apologies for the to many pics, my bad big guy......and justa6, yes, im a Flintstone, a transplant as of 10/4/1981, but being acutely curious and always predominantly a BOP&C fan where C is as much for Chrysler as Cadillac i was blessed to be able to attend and graduate GMI/Kettering and graduate BEFORE they renamed it in honor of its CHIEF FOUNDING FELLOW, Charles Kettering who followed Walter Pearl Chrysler as CEO of Buick, as Chrysler did David Dunbar Buick who with Charles Stewart Whiting and William Henry Fisher FOUNDED Buick HERE in Flint IN 1902.

It is BUICK the parent founding and incorporated Division of what u call General Motors, INCORPORATED in 1908 by William Charles "Billy" Durant Jr. and Dallas Dort who were hired by BUICK as their Book Keeping service in 1905, because BUICK WAS FAILING, due to making ONLY two Products, a full sized car and a 2 seat open wheeled Roadster, same Problem that The Ransom Olds and Sons Motor Carriage Company of Lansing, and The Oakland Motor Carriage Company of Oakland County Just south East of Pontiac in what since 1984 has been AUBURN HILLS MICHIGAN, on the site where now stands CHRYSLER WORLD HQ.

 Which he, Walt Chrysler, got in 1930 when he left BUICK as part of the FIRST AUTOMOTIVE SEVERANCE PACKAGE, then BOUGHT Desoto Plymouth Dodge who then owned the original site in Lordstown Youngstown Ohio where the Model A and Model T were Originally produced and NOT BY Henry Clay Ford.

He, Henry Ford, is who supplied and machined castings and components of same from his CLEVELAND FOUNDRY to the PRODUCER, who bought sheet metal in BULK from Indiana Steel Mills drop shipped and stamped by AUBURN in Auburn Indiana, and formed metal framing rails from AO SMITH in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and he, the producer simply assembled the components so as to provide a VEHICLE in CAR and Light duty farm TRUCK that BLACK PEOPLE COULD AFFORD TO BUY which meant at the time that ANYONE COULD.

When the Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers graduated from MIT in 1903, Henry Ford scooped them up. These brothers were what became known as PRODUCTION ENGINEERS while what became MECHANICAL ENGINEERS were Known as JOURNEYMAN PIPEFITTER/PLUMBER, their, the Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers, FORTE' was the IDEA to AUTOMATE an ASSEMBLY LINE where products MOVED from work station to work station with a COMPLETED PRODUCT UNIT at the end, ANY PRODUCT, it was an IDEA OF GREAT GENIUS BY FORD for that to be AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTION MOVING ASSEMBLY LINE, it just was NOT HIS design and development, But that of the Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers.

After Forcing the original producer into receivership and purchasing his industry in the 1st what came called LOCK STOCK and BARREL TAKE OVER(HOSTILE), He , Henry Ford Returned to HIS parents HOMETOWN where his GRAND PARENTS on his mother's side THE GREENFIELD Family bequeathed him the Land He Built THE RIVER ROUGE PRODUCTION and ASSEMBLY COMPLEX on, and that is why the Ford Museum is in GREENFIELD VILLAGE.

 The Chevrolet and Dodge brothers are who designed and developed the automation process, NOT FORD, but the business model at the time was that THE OWNER of the BUSINESS GOT CREDIT, PATENTS, TRADE MARKS and BLUE PRINT COPY RIGHTS for all aspects of THE BUSINESS, a circumstance which sorely disturbed the Chevrolet and Dodge Brothers who automated the Model A 4 Auto and Model T 4 1/4 ton light duty pick up line respectively, Model A's out one end while Model T's the opposite direction out the other toward Dearborn and Detroit Respectively.

You might not care for the manner in which FORD copped all the credit, but had he NOT, THERE would Never have been a Ford Motor Company and BUICK would never have become General Motors, reason Being Billy Durant and Dallas Dort used the same business methods and HOSTILE TAKE OVER techniques to build GM, which as of 1908 became BUICK INCORPORATED and the Next Year BUICK General Motors INCORPORATED which is what remains the name on the DOCUMENTS OF INCORPORATION to this very Day, the name BUICK was NOT actually DROPPED from that in ADVERTISING ONLY in 1942 as a compromise to settle the 1939 Flint sit down strike that founded the UAW after the Pearl Harbor Attack, so that domestic auto producers could go on WAR FOOTING PRODUCTION, same as was the case on the East Coast and Gulf Coast for ship sub and boat production...so like their methods or not, but for the EXISTENCE of Ford Motor Company Incorporated and Buick General Motors Incorporated, THE USA might today be GERMAN and or JAPANESE TERRITORY!!!

 The fact that MORE ENGINES were then Machined assembled and installed in the Detroit Area after the opening of the plant is why DETROIT is called THE MOTOR CITY, while because MORE VEHICLES and VEHICLE COMPONENTS were Produced in THE FLINT AREA from 1921-1996 than any place else on EARTH is why FLINT is KNOWN as THE VEHICLE CITY, it is still the #2 Metro Area in THE STATE and always has been, and until the Merger of Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids it was the 2cn largest City in the state.

In 1909 Buick ACQUIRED, BY MERGER, The Ransom Olds and Sons Motor Carriage Company of Lansing, and the two used what was already a contractor with BUICK, THE OAKLAND MOTOR CARRIAGE COMPANY,( under ZORA ARKUS DUNTOV, probably the most INVENTIVE and PRODUCTIVE MECHANICAL ENGINEER IN HISTORY of Automotive Production, who designed and developed THE 1st INLINE 6 cylinder production engine,(as well as soooooo many other automotive 1st s, like OHV HEADS(both shaft mount and pedestal mount rocker systems, 1937 and 1950 respectively), BUT,  having no foundry facilities, they CONTRACTED out production to BUICK same as OLDS did for the production of their engine castings and components so that BUICK GOT what after OAKLAND NEEDED to use to Found THE 1st DUAL DIVISION in automotive history to produce an ENTRY LEVEL CAR and 1/4 ton light duty Pick-up to compete with the model A and Model T, and a mid trim level division to produce an entry level BUICK and an Entry Level OLDSMOBILE Models, Both Originally to be called BUICK OAKLAND, a circumstance The Oakland Family had ZERO TASTE FOR, so when in 1921 The Entry Trim Level Division was to Open, they made their distaste KNOWN about having THEIR NAME incorporated UNDER BUICK as Olds had allowed THEIRS TO BE, so The Division was NAMED for the FOUNDERS of BUICK AUTOMATION, who were FIRED in 1910 for winning the Indy BRICKYARD 500 with a PRODUCTION OPEN WHEEL ROADSTER, The BUICK BUG sporting a 3 spd manual and a 604" Buick Flat Head 4 cylinder. The Brothers began RACING BUICKS to learn from ZORA DUNTOV, Ransom Olds II and DAVID BUICK about Performance Engineering obstensively to share what they learned with FORD MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, but really as an INSULT to Henry Ford over his taking of CREDIT for their Work, which is why HE FIRED them Over winning THE BRICKYARD in 1910.

BUICK THEN HIRED them for 1911 as they Built the 1st PRODUCTION MODIFIED from the BUICK BUG, renamed THE BUICK SPECIAL sporting the larger 622" 4 cyl and 4 speed manual from the full sized Buick Carriage, returned and won the 1911 Indy 500 Brickyard Race at 10mph more than in 1910, 115mph avg vs 105mph 500 mile avg., THEN to Further rub the nose of Henry Ford, began a conversion to automation of an EXISTING BUICK FACILITY on South Saginaw Street in Flint, while simultaneously beginning construction of two GROUND UP automated Facilities on Van Slyke Road which was IN THE COUNTY at the time outside of Flint, and one in what became MILFORD/DRAYTON PLAINS southwest of PONTIAC, Van Slyke to take over TRUCK CHASSIS productions, Milford/Drayton Plains PONTIAC PRODUCTIONS...when the Oaklands refused to have their name incorporated under BUICK, the Plant in Flint that opened in 1921 was named after THE CHEVROLET BROTHERS, while when the one on Van Slyke opened in 1924 it was named what it remains, BUICK TRUCK and BUS, and the one in Milford Drayton Plains which opened the same year was named after THE CITY OF PONTIAC, which is what is Named After Chief Pontiac, NOT THE CAR, They Just Used the Indian Head Ornament as a LOGO, same as Olds did the Planet SATURN complete with the Rings as theirs, while BUICK the Parent of all 3 uses the TRI/Shield LOGO, it is why all facilities are eithe BOP; BUICK OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC; or, since 1926, BOC; BUICK OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC.

Cadillac and its entry level Division LASSALLE, was Acquired Thru Charles Kettering in 1926, at which time LASSALLE, now called LESABRE/LUCERNE, became the entry Level Buick, and Cadillac a Joint Production and assembly of Buick and Olds as FLAGSHIP LUXURY for the Corporation, while the Pontiac Originally to be the entry Level Buick became the BONNEVILLE and that originally to be the entry Level Olds Became THE STAR CHIEF.

1937 saw the division OUT of PONTIAC/Chevrolet of the Truck Division to a CORPORATE PRODUCTION division, where the same thing happened to those existing BUICK and Olds employees who went to Truck and Bus as did those who in 1921 and 1924 went to Chevrolet and Pontiac, the stance of Buick was that u could have NO SENIORITY as an HOURLY WORKER in a division that did not before that time EXIST, after 2 years of trying to negotiate for their Rights, they went on strike at the beginning of the 1940 model production Year on July 15, 1939, which is why since July 15 1949 BUICK GM has been on a planned Obsolescence production cycle which begins on July 15 of the 9th year of one decade and ends on June 30 of the 9th year of the next decade.

The fact that LAYMEN, even among AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY EMPLOYEES believe that a PRODUCTION CYCLE and a PRODUCTION YEAR are the same thing is why folk believe no 455 came in GM cars after 76, when in fact that is just the production year where the phase out was announced of over 350" engines in passenger production cars, it actually BEGAN on June 30, 1973 with the SBC 400, then June 30 1974 for the 402-454 BBC, AND the 400 Olds(replaced by the SBO 403 in 1977 so as to replace the 500 Caddy) which like the 400 and 455, Buick ended June 30, 1976, The 455 Olds which is what from July 15 1969 - June 30 1976 the 500 caddy is on, same as July 15 1947 -June 30 1966 it was on the 303-394" Olds engine castings and July 15 1967- June 30, 1976 the 455 Olds Castings.

The 400 and 455 Pontiac ended production June 30, 1979, same as the 301 and 350 did June 30, 1984, BECAUSE Pontiac had their 455 2 years longer than any other division, 1980 and 1981 F-Body Pontiacs could have no larger than a 301 and for Trans Am that dog got a Turbo which left it still a DOG, which is why the beginning of the 3rd gens saw the Trans Am and Z28 Base Models get the 305" H.O. SBC, and 1985 saw the entry of the IROC Z and Trans AM GTA both of which were 350" Chevy except for 1989 and 1990 when the GTA got the driveline from the 1987 BUICK GNX and the laymen believed that GTA meant TURBO TRANS AM, it didn't, it means GRAND TRANS AM and it is the trim code that replaced MY HURST TRANS AM, which was replaced in the 4th Gens with THE FIREBIRD FIREHAWK, the Hurst Trans Am replaced the 455 S.D. Code and the 455 S.D. Code replaced the Trans Am/GTO/Grand Prix HO455 Trim Code, never owned an HO455 Trans Am, but I have owned both a 70 auto and a 71 4spd HO455 Grand Prix Model SJ and a 71 HO455 4spd GTO JUDGE, so PONTIAC, i ain't new to this, IM TRUE to this.

MY favorite OVERALL CAR is and Always Has been OLDSMOBILE/Cadillac, ad my 1st car was a 59 98 Olds, MY 1st drag race was the day after i bought it vs a Stage II 2x4v 425" Buick 2spd auto Buick Riviera GSX, both the 1st Model Buick to WEAR a GS or GSX Badge tho like all other Perf division of the GM divisions it began in 1957 Production Models FOUNDED like all the Rest by PONTIAC.

 S.D./H.O.(SUPER DUTY/ HIGH OUTPUT) for Pontiac Itself. 


 Eldarado For Cadillac.

J2/W3(3x2V x 3spd Hydramatic) for Oldsmobile.

GSeXperimental for Buick.

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On 8/22/2018 at 6:02 PM, Dallas Foster said:

MY apologies for the more than one picture, i did not take not f that before i posted the rest, and thank you for the compliment, i feel like all the rides i have seen on the site are as NICE if not nicer than mine... in Flint Im located at the corner of East Moore Street and Industrial Avenue, 1 block south of Stewart Avenue, across the street from the site of the old Buick City, again i would like to say, YOU FOLK have some absolutely MAGNIFICENT RIDES in MY HUMBLE OPINION....and i humbly thank u for allowing ME among u, i consider it an HONOR!!!

Sounds like we've had similar paths in our lives and careers. My maternal grandfather worked at Fisher Body #1 as a line worker. My paternal grandfather worked at the Buick for 51 years, retiring in May 1971. He had the honor of driving the 2 millionth Buick Skylark off the assembly line - I have the pictures from the Flint Journal.

My father worked at Buick for a short time between his honorable discharge from the Navy at the end of WWII and enrolling at Michigan State. He worked for 34 years after college for AC Spark Plug / Delco Electronics, retiring in 1986. He had six patents as well. He just passed away on July 31, 2018 at the age of 90, all the while living on the east side of Flint.

I started my GM / EDS career in 1983 as a summer intern at AC's engineering data center. I graduated in '84 and was hired that spring. GM purchased EDS from Ross Perot and I was pushed into EDS (I had no choice). I spent 11 years at AC, I worked to split AC into Delco Electronics when GM bought Hughes Aircraft and folded AC's instrument cluster business under Delco Electronics. I was then transferred to Buick City, the old Buick engineering building on Hamilton and Cole, which was now the V6 Engine Engineering Center. I stayed there until Buick City was closed. I was moved to Pontiac, to the old Pontiac engineering complex on Joslyn Avenue, I spent another 9 years there. I was transferred back to Flint and managed the IT dept for both the Flint Engine South and Flint North Operations (what was left of Buick City). I was there the day they built the last 3800. That lasted a year before I was moved out of GM altogether and moved to Auburn Hills.

EDS was purchased by HP. HP started a massive downsizing campaign and I was one of the first ones out the door in 2009. Since then, I've worked contract in automotive, aviation, healthcare, and now state government.

Angelo's is still the best place in town for a coney dog (I speak Greek - "2 up with everything!").

Luigi's pizza is the only place where I eat my pizza with red wine vinegar.

You have every right to be proud of your ride, regardless of it's condition or what others thinkl. It is your pride and joy, period. It makes you happy, that is all that matters.

I will be at the Davison downtown cruise this Friday night if you'd like to meet up. Lucy (my '72 Lemans convertible) may or may not be there. I will be the staff member walking around with the camera around his neck. You can also have the DJ page me. I will photographing the weekly winners for sure.

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thank U sir, and ur correct, My family has always been Predominantly GM and Chrysler with a sprinkling of Ford, me bout the only one o have AMC experience tho briefly a 1970 390" 4 spd Rebel Machine which i ended up trading for an AMC Hurst S/C Rambler Scrambler 390" 4 spd which I loved but was stolen while i was on fiel Ops At Ft Hood Texas where i spent the last 4 of my 6 years in the Army after Vietnam as well as did the 1st 3 years of my Bachelor Degree Program in co-op between the US Army, Central Texas College at North Ft. Hood doing my senior year on Campus thru 1975 @ Austin.....MY Father Retired from Chrysler's French Road Plant In Detroit, after previously working at  AO-Smith, Silver Steel International Harvester in Milwaukee, My Uncle worked until he retired at the St. Louis Corvette Assembly before the Bowling Green Facility was built, which is where i was born and raised till age 15 when i moved to Milwaukee to live with My Father, I am HIS only Child so in order to Join the military 12/4/68 and go to Vietnam 5/13/69 at age 19 he had to sign a couple waivers of his paternal rights pursuant to The Sullivan act, because he was unable to serve in Korea with his elder brother and who became the husband of his baby sister, who even before they were actually married were my custodial parents from 3 months old till i moved to Milwaukee with my father, because he and my mother separated, him moving 1st to Chicago and her back to West Helena AR where they met and married and she became pregnant with Me, they agreed that leaving me with His Baby Sister and her Husband in St. Louis was the best since they would each have equal distance to travel to be in their child's life, so pretty much I had 3 married sets of parents in 3 different states, all 3 working class and entrepreneurial all my Life, my Dad, which is what i called My aunt's Husband was a Brick mason Contractor after Military, my Mother worked for and retired from Brooks Brothers Clothiers, she and her 2 Husbands after my Father whom she was widowed of in 1969 and 2005 respectively as well as my Father and his second wife were my auxiliary parents in Arkansas, Chicago and then Milwaukee which is why I am ever to say I am THE MOST BLESSED PERSON I HAVE ever known, TRULY RAISED with LOVE and Discipline BY a WHOLE VILLAGE of family as it sounds as if YOU too were called My Mother, MOTHER, her husbands previous to and after my Father Pops, My Custodial Dad, Dad his wife my aunt Mom, my Father Daddy and his wife Mama, NONE of the horrible step father step mother stories have i to tell, all treated me as if i was EQUALLY THEIR RESPONSIBILITY and CHILD till the very day they all passed to Heaven and rest, last being My father exactly 3 years to the day and hour after my Mother, 7/16/2011 found passed in bed at home in her sleep my mother, while 7/16/2014 same time found passed in his sleep MY father, Both then Widowed, He wished to be CREMATED and his ashes buried in West Helena Arkansas Next to my Mother, not what would have my Wish, but as his ONLY CHILD i did as he wished, Im actually Named After him except I have a Middle Name, KanDallas,  and He did not which is why im NOT a Jr., altho most of my family always called me either DJ, Lil Dann or Dann Jr. ANYWAY, he just called me Junior and once i was grown he called me Dann, short for Dannie, which is what the family always called HIM, My Father and Mama were OLDS and Cadillac Fans, My Dad and Mom were  Olds and Pontiac Fans, while My Mother and Both My Pops were Chrysler and AMC, and my Pop's her last Husband was Ford and before that Studebaker for his cars till they moved to Canada then He became Ford Fan for his cars same as he always had been for his Trucks, IM the only Other pick up Truck fan besides Him and My Dad both of whom Kept a pick-up truck, and always told me that a man who has a pick up truck ALWAYS HAS A JOB, which is why i have owned Pick-up work trucks since 1966, and I am the 1st in my immediate family to be either a semi-tractor or Motorcycle rider, I have a Brother elder of me of my Mother who took up Motorcycles and Hot rod drag racing after me, another who took up pro semi tractor driver after me, also of my mother and elder of me, something I always Felt HONORED about, since i taught the one to ride Motorcycles and the other to drive semi-tractors, unless u have had the honor of elder siblings coming to U to be taught some craft, i doubt u can imagine how humbling that is, the Motorcycle brother and Muhammed Ali are why i Joined the Military, and the fact that HE couldn't is why my father signed for it, as with all my parents they were never satisfied for me to do as well as they did, they all raised me to seek to do BETTER than them, which sounds about like the way your parents raised YOU, do do what we do, DO MORE and DO BETTER, Finally, thank u sir for ur kind words about My car, it is very Rare for anyone even among Pontiac Fans to acknowledge the authenticity of my Baby whom i call Fatt Redd, and to be honest, before i attended GMI i too believed no 455's came after 76 in GM cars and i had already owned MOST of the Pontiacs that i have and had owned 2 of my 5 Trans Am's, but after 18 years since 2000 owning this car, that sort of discredit about my car has long since exceeded my tolerance, I am the only other owner OF the car besides the man who Ordered it BRAND new, and His Younger Brother was My Training Engineer at the Proving Grounds the last 6 months of my Apprenticeship 6th Year at GMI, the 1st 6 months i was down the street on Chevrolet at Chevrolet #36 in the hole, which the extent of my time ACTUALLY IN GM EMPLOY and that was more in GMI than GM, MY FAVORITE employment for whatever reason has always Been Semi-Tractor Operation, and I owned the last 3 I operated, i contracted with Frost-ways Trans with the 1st, when i began at GMI i put in a Hired driver and base plated it out of Memphis with MS CARRIERS, which is where it stayed after i finished GMI and began to drive it myself again, after buying a new one, when Mike Starr sold MS to Swift to threw in with USA with his Brother Ulysses i took the opportunity to trans to the Swift New Boston terminal and went on daily short dedicated  until 2007 when i retired out of GM SP in Flint to Pontiac in Drayton Plains or to Saginaw Steering Gear which is Now Nexteer, so anyone at the proving grounds in 94 or Pontiac in Drayton Plain or Saginaw steering gear up to 2007 like has not has seen me in and out of there, this is my last tractor beside my Garage behind my ZX11D Ninja Kawasaki which is yet still my current IRON HORSE


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