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Bandit Run 2016


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Hey all you Trans Am owners out there. Not sure if you seen but the cities and dates have been announced for this year's Bandit Run.  Finally coming close enough for me to join for a couple days.  May 28th-June 2 or 3rd I think.  Still no specific route or stops info out yet though. 

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I was just going to ask that. The Bandit Run is on the bucket list. I have to get the ol' girl running a little more reliably first. Let us know the dates and cities.

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Looks like the route is now posted. It's great for us Midwesterner's.


Sandusky Ohio (aka Cedar Point)

Dayton Ohio (Museum of the U.S. Air Force - yes!)

Nashville, Indiana

Pontiac, Illinois (Pontiac-Oakland Museum Tour - yes! yes!)

Davenport, Iowa




It starts Friday, May 27th.

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A bearded, short, skinny Buford T. Justice - that would be some sight to see. Or should we just call you "Junior"?

Of course if you can get the Parisenne down here and painted to look like one of the cop cars in Smokey and the Bandit, I'm so in.

Does the Parisenne even run? I've not heard you talk about it in quite a long time.

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She runs. I rebuilt the trans, installed it, and while getting ready to test it I blew out the brake lines. Simply haven't gotten enough free time on my calendar since to finish up the job and put her back to use. Unfortunately I stupidly forgot that the license bureau here doesn't use calendars. To save money I've been keeping her registered at parked. Not unusual for classic cars. Just have to trot to the bureau once every 364 days and replate her for the day. Unfortunately this year has 366 days .. I showed up a day late. My error's gonna cost me. Now she'll have to go in for a mechanical inspection.  That means all the little niggly bits that weren't all that important now are. Things like ... catalytic convertors.


Now she's gone from project on the back burner to dead weight taking up driveway space. (Said driveway not being where I live)  So the pressure is on high now. Either I make the time and get her done, or I have to bite the bullet and say good bye.

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Smokey and the Bandit was on the late movie last night. Been spending an excessive amount of time browsing the web ... and a few things turned up.


SatB II ... Buford T. Justice drove a gold-ish 1980 Bonneville. The front bumper and grill are different, but other than that ???


Door decals.


All I need is a licensed car and a gumball machine and some money for gas. And time.

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