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  1. mberns1

    2019 Forever Pontiac Calendar - Entries

    Added a hot model to mine! 😉
  2. mberns1

    POTM Nominations, April 2018

    POTM entry. 1981 Trans Am. 5.0 ltr-4spd. 35k original miles. All original paint, interior, motor, trans. T-tops. SE markings and wheels were added by previous owner. Have original wheels. 2 build sheets and lots of documentation on car. A really nice survivor.
  3. I'm in. I think I deserve one since I have entered last 2 years but haven't got on the calendar yet. 😣
  4. mberns1

    Win a Free FP Shirt!

    I'm in...
  5. mberns1

    New TA. sort of..

    The info I got from a guy that used to work at Columbia Bicycles is these were sold in stores and were at the higher end of their massed produced bikes. He thought they sold for $79 in 1979 the only year they were made. Obviously not many sold because you never see them. I thought it was homemade when I first saw it, but after researching I found they were indeed real. Don't know the thinking behind the creation of the bike though. He also said the Shimano shifters it had were pretty high tech for the times. Kind of silly to buy just because I have a Bandit TA but what the hell.
  6. Check out my new 1979 TA!! Just picked up a 1979 Columbia Bicycles Trans Am 12 spd bike. I believe it to be all original. I posted a couple pics of it all with the brochure I found for it on the web...
  7. Here is my all original paint, motor, trans, interior Bandit look TA. This pic was taken on this year's Bandit Run, in Pontiac, IL.
  8. mberns1

    Bandit Run 2016

    BR2016 is coming thru the Midwest at end of this month and beginning of June. Don't miss it!! I'm joining up in Pontiac, IL.
  9. mberns1

    Yearly wax

    After. After. Actually that was before I think. Didn't take an after. Yet.
  10. mberns1

    POTM Nominations, May 2016

    1981 TA. 33k miles. All original paint, interior, drive train. T-Tops, 4 spd. SE striping was added by previous owner.
  11. mberns1

    Bandit Run 2016

    Hey all you Trans Am owners out there. Not sure if you seen but the cities and dates have been announced for this year's Bandit Run. Finally coming close enough for me to join for a couple days. May 28th-June 2 or 3rd I think. Still no specific route or stops info out yet though.
  12. mberns1

    Forever Pontiac Member's Photos

    Me and 1 of my beautiful daughters. We won best of show!
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