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So I picked up a Duc


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I've had my license for about 3 years but never got not a bike till early May.

It's an '07 Ducati Monster S2R800 and had 15k on it when I got it. The mods are: K&N panel filter, EX Box exhaust, tail chop, integrated LED tail, and a few deletes. The seller picked it up a year ago and said the valves were adjusted and the timing belts were changed by the original owner but there's no paperwork. It needed a battery, a good cleaning, and the gauge bezel had a crack. He was asking 5200 and I picked it up for 4200, so the final price reflected all that. It is crazy fun, sounds awesome, and I love the style.

I did an oil change right after I got it but had the valves adjusted and belts done by a friend of a friend who owns a Euro bike shop. It was tough to pay someone else to do it but I didn't get the bike as a project.. and it was relatively cheap compared to estimates I've seen. I've also been slowly trying to clean it up.



The drop mirror had an iron cross on it and I wasn't feeling it so I did this:


Full pic here.

The bike up it had these odd stains on the side plastics by the seat. Soap and water yielded zero improvement..

I decided to use Forever Black on them and they turned out great. The included cleaner lightened some of the stains but wouldn't remove them no matter how much I scrubbed. But, when I used the dye, it covered it all.


Next up is cleaning up the exhaust.

I've got about 2k on it and I'm loving every minute of it.

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The stainless cleaner didn't come in so I decided to work on the cluster.

The MPH gauge had a small crack when I got it.. It eventually went up and diagonally more than 3/4 of the way across the bezel's face. New gauge clusters are 7-800, used are 400+ and every once in a while you'll see one for under 200. The face can't be bought alone and there's no easy way to cut out the convex lens without destroying the bezel.

I wasn't trying to spend a few hundred so I've been looking for a compatible gauge off a similar Duc. I found one on ebay month or so ago but it had a crack in the bezel that wasn't mentioned in the description.. Returned without issue though. I've been keeping an eye out on part outs too without much luck in my price range. I found a 2002 Ducati Monster 620 IE gauge on ebay that looked similar and decided to give it a whirl.

It was very similar in size/shape but held together much different. The face did not mount to my SR2's bucket and gauges.. What I decided to do was swap my S2R's guts unto the 620's. Some dremeling, cutting, and gluing was required but I was able to make it happen. And since the lens was in rough shape I wet sanded it with 2000 grit and sealed it with 50/50 thinner/urethane. The good thing is none of the S2R parts were modified. So I can swap it all back. The bad news is it's relying on a tight fit of the rubber grommet, and HV-350 (sealant/adhesive) to keep the face on. The HV-350 dries rubbery so it should be good with vibes. And the S2R gauge was slightly larger making the grommet tighter.


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Ducati's are freakin nuts dude, very sweet, but nuts. Just be careful bro. Looks sexy nonetheless. Ive ridin on one before, incredible acceleration. I would go as far as being one of the best rockets in the world. Enjoy dude. Take some videos of it.

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  • 4 weeks later...


Did a couple quick fixes.

Turns out the pegs were aftermarket and the right one was cracked/welded. I replaced both with stock.

The middle plastic chain guard had a broken mounting tab and the rear guard was missing. I picked up some stock ones and replaced the middle guard. I'm not sure if I want to install the rear or not at this point.


I also bought a new chain and gears. The rear is a quick change rear with +1 tooth.

And I'm also planning on dropping the exhaust to polish it.

When I picked up my Duc I was a fan of the ex-box exhaust but it was pretty tarnished.. I looked around, found Stain-Magic and decided to give it a shot.

I'm definitely happy with the results.

I did try to use stainless polish on the outlet face of the box before this and it did help but didn't get rid of the orange hue. It also made it look a little inconsistent, so I ended up lightly polishing that face after I used the Stain-Magic.


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