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FS: Enkei EKM3's, Interceptor Gauge, and more

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Here it is folks the part out of all part outs....... let me begin by saying ill never leave the forum so dont worry. also, a lot of these parts are still on the car so if u want something it may take some time to get it off the car

ALSO-if u want more pics i can get em, i took em in shorts and a fleece and it was cold as HELL!


Dual Guage Pillar


Was made by a prior vendor Midwest autowerks (problems) and there is some separation between the top pillar as seen in my progression thread. but if anyone has prior knowledge with that flexible adhesive stuff its an easy fix and is most the way finished. asking $45 then was 35$NOW 20 or if u get the interceptor and you have a coupe ill throw in the pillar free!! (pay shipping of both though) plus ship

Badges-all badge prices INCLUDE shipping

Trunk Dart- 12 bucks. Ebay has them for 15, GM parts direct wants 22!! WTF! anyways i figure 12 is fair. since it has a black overlay on it too!


GTP/G6/GT Badges- 15 bucks.

An odd assortment but i broke the G that went with my G6 so this badge combo allows you to do GTP/GT/ or G6 or if u wanna smoke some rocks and put GT6 i really dont care. anyways heres pictars


PONTIAC Badge- 10 bucks

the word pontiac that goes normally on the left side of the trunk. i put this badge on my dash and it was tits. you can do all kinds of stuff with these. PICSHURS!


You can combine too. here are combined prices

Dart+G6/GTP/GT Badges- 25

Pontiac+ G6/GTP/GT Badges- 23


overlays+all Badges-35

Stinger 4 GA wire with RCA's

This was the wire that was in my G6 that powered my 2 JL 12 w1's. GREAT wire, very flexible. i had to use new wire for my goat cuz this wire was too short :D. I paid my buddy who works at an audio installer (dealer cost) of 3 bucks a foot. this is about 2 inches shy of 15 feet. As it is USED i will sell it for 2 bucks a foot and call it 30 bucks even for the power wire. Ill include the RCA's for another 5 bucks. so Stinger Power wire and RCA's for 35 bucks LITERALLY CANT BEAT IT. pics


Injen Cone

Totally unused Injen cone. It will include two of the clamps but it lacks the silicone coupler to connect it to a MAF. Was going to put this in the GF's car but time and money came into play and we decided to get rid of it.



Asking 80 bucks plus ship

Also prices are all in USD. PM me for all offers or questions. i will keep in contact with all buyers when things have been removed/shipped.

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I was waiting to see you sell the interceptor... it is a candi gauge....

did you try and hook it up?

also how much you looking to get.. (i have no money i just currious)

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I was waiting to see you sell the interceptor... it is a candi gauge....

did you try and hook it up?

also how much you looking to get.. (i have no money i just currious)

ill be asking 215. i think they are like 230 or something for a new one...230 or 250. but yeah my current gauge (CN series) will not work with the GTO (PT series)...i was pissed when i found that out. ill be getting another interceptor as soon as someone buys my current one...

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put that Effer on Ebay or CraigsList...

i might try craigslist. im trying to avoid fees.

rims MAY be sold once i get a shipping quote to this guy in AZ.

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did you post it on CL?

what about posting the wheels and gauge on CobaltSS.net?

they are the same bolt pattern

all of this is on cobalt SS. and rims are on both CL and ebay classifieds

If I had the money I would take interceptor

get a job, donate plasma, pretend you are homeless and ask for change

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2 things -

Do you still have

1. The Pontiac letters and

2. The Trunk Dart?

Saw you said combined 20 w/ship.. highly interested! PM me let me know!

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