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Mystery solved??? LOL Talkin with a Corvette owner and admired what I saw in a pic. In the Vette doors, the courtesy lights have an upgrade to shine the Vette logo on the ground like a doormatte when you open it to get in. This guy took another and wired it in to his reverse lights shining the logo on the ground between his tail pipes as he is backing up. TOO fricken cool. I asked where he got it and if they had a Pontiac logo. NO After some prodding, I was told my friend and his high tech buddy made their own 50th ann/vette logo and thats what they were selling to friends. The original Vette lights go for more than 150.00 per light. He agree'd to make the Pontiac logo to my spec's, but I had to cover the fee to make the template. I have purchased 4...To Start. They are in the mail and this pic was sent today. Whatcha think???


So now that they can be reproduced, he will sell them to me/my friends for $25.00 for 1. or 45.00 for 2 plus shipping and handling.

OK..from the 1st time I saw this. Idea's for use has been non stop. They stay in focus as you pull the lights away from what its shining on. So my friend hooks one up to his garage door opener. From the ceiling it shows his 50th ann/logo about 6 ft across on his floor when he opens the door. He used the plug in charger for his dustbuster to power the lights off 120v. Think about it.....wait for it.... yea you could shine it on your trophy wall as a nightlight. Display case...no prob. 1st thing I wanna try is the outside of my garage door!!!! Have 2 for the Sunbird N 2 for the GTO. UNDERHOOD attached to your hood light N display with your hood open. Trunk, interior. Picture Frosty's vert pullin into the cruse night with the Pontiac logo displayed in lights on the back seat? Shine em on your front buckets. Wire em through a toggle and turn em on when you want em. Like a radio shack would have a 9v connector and make them completely portable and put em where ever you want. Possabilities are endless. Will post more pic's when I receive them and start playin.

If interested in ordering send an email to [email protected]. Tell him Justa6 mentioned the Pontiac logo deal 25-1 or 45-2. I don't work with him or know him other than an online friend. Since I paid the setup fee he's making me a deal to friends that I'm passing along to you.

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Got my lights today. After much playin.... It works awesome on my garage door! Would be cool for indoor walls, display case lights ect. For courtesy lights in the car door, perfect. Wire into your reverse lights and shine on ground, cool. Install as neon floor mats, shining from under dash, waay cool. On a toggle and hidden behind front plate and displaying on ground in front of car. While parking only!!!!! Think thats where mines gonna go on the Sunbird and GTO. You have to move it closer/farther back to adjust the size to the spot you want to display it on. Couldn't make it happen with the GTO hood underside. To display anything Red or Blue, in lights, on the front of a car here in Mich is an instant ticket. Frosty...The image is too large to display on the rear seat from in between the front buckets....DANG I wanted to do that in the GTO and would have been real cool with your vert. The bracket would have to be mounted with velcro to your carpet and about seat bottom height (so you could remove if somebody was sitting in rear). Ran for hours off my DeWalt 12 battery. Great deal on these lights and a pair comes with a hole cut saw for the correct hole size. 25.00- 1 or 45.00 for 2 plus shipping. X-dea@ Hotmail.com

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nice. seen these new lights too but the Pontiac one was only a simple red arrowhead. i like that back up idea.
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From what I've seen it wasn't done for this price. And the Pontiac head logo was custom made. Looks very cool on the inside of my garage door from top to bottom.

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very cool! i better send an e-mail today

You should see what I've done with these lights....esp the Sunbird! Wish it was comming out this year. He mainly sticks to his Vette logos, but custom made the Pontiac to what I ordered. He has shown his Vette and Chevy logos, on our other site, but has not shown the Pontiac's. Everyone I've shown them to...LOVE em. I can't keep em in the garage. I've sold my sets and reordered 3 times. Getting ready to order again. Sold another one of my sets this weekend to a G8 owner that my neighbor brought over after telling him about em. I had better get them installed on my 3 cars soon.

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